DVD tip: Krasinski shows promise in "Hollars" directing debut

DVD tip

The Hollars

In “The Hollars," John Krasinski stars as a son called back home when his mother falls ill. The script by Jim Strouse isn’t exactly breaking new ground when it comes to the plotline (Krasinski’s character deals with his kooky brother, sees his high school girlfriend, etc.). What makes “The Hollars” worth a rental, though, is the cast. Margo Martindale, as the strong, sardonic mom, and Richard Jenkins, as her oft-weepy husband, are gold. Krasinski and Anna Kendrick, as his patient and very pregnant girlfriend, display some fine comedy chemistry. Krasinski makes his feature-film directorial debut with “The Hollars,” and he shows a nice flair as a director, even if he lets a couple of actors go too broad (I’m looking at you, Charlie Day and Sharlto Copley!).



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