Streaming Tip: Discovering Bigfoot

While hiking through the Cranberry Wilderness of West Virginia recently, a relative of mine, while in his tent at 6:30 a.m., heard the wild, maniacal scream of what sounded like a laughing monkey. The mystery of what that sound could have been has since provoked a weeklong Bigfoot research escapade on my part to solve it, leading me to a 2017 Netflix documentary titled “Discovering Bigfoot.” Produced by “Bigfoot researcher” Todd Standing (a man whose behavior resembles Dwight from “The Office”), the documentary analyzes videos mostly filmed at night a la Blair Witch Project of Standing trekking through the Canadian wilderness (presumably), following Bigfoot packs and enticing them with apples. Though the film is probably an elaborate hoax/money-making scheme, I still found it to be hilarious and strangely intriguing.


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