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Joe Biden is looking like a winner

With about month to go, the election looks like Biden in a “mini landslide.” Why is this so different from 2016? 

First, like him or not, President Trump is a known quantity. And the Republican Party has morphed into the Trump Party. That resulted in creation of the Lincoln Project, which has attracted old-time Republicans and is sponsoring creative anti-Trump advertising. Donald Trump has defined himself as a nationalist/populist, which includes being divisive and, underneath it all, anti-Semitic, despite his support for Israel.

He is known for lying and has proven himself to be a racist. Trump now may have a solid base of about 35% of the voters, but as the days go by he will have trouble holding that base.

Next, is the pandemic. By Election Day, the body count will likely be over 225,000. That has to hurt Trump. Yes, a vaccine may magically appear several days before the election, but who will believe it is real? It will only be the same people who believed Trump’s other baseless cures. 

Another reason for a Biden win is James Comey. Comey is not around to do what he did to Hillary Clinton 10 days before the election. The alleged Biden negatives have all been well publicized and Biden has not been touched by any. His poll numbers have held steady.

Biden, nationally, is running well ahead of where Hillary Clinton stood at the same time. Even if there is a last-minute move, by hook or by crook, to win support for Trump, Biden remains far enough ahead to take the punch and stay on his feet.

Yet, I am a realist. Anything can happen in politics. However, my gut tells me the Biden campaign strategy is right on − as long as the Biden campaign continues to come out several times a week with lines that stick, such as “Climate Arsonist.” Let Trump continue to dig his own grave. Let Trump continue to damage himself as he does on a daily basis.

My prediction: Biden will be the next president.

The next step, of course, will be to get Trump out of the White House. The Secret Service is used to handling trespassers. Trump will vacate one way or the other. What the Democrats have to do is to get out every possible vote. I believe that will happen and I believe that the coalition that currently exists will hang together through Election Day.

All the false Trump complaints about a rigged election probably will result in a U. S. Supreme Court case, even though Trump won’t have a legal leg to stand on with his unsubstantiated claims.

Biden wins by 10 million votes with enough Electoral College majority to win the presidency despite any challenges Trump may mount.

Attorney Edward L. Marcus is long-time observer of state and national politics, a past chairman of the Democratic State Central Committee in Connecticut and a former state Senate majority leader.



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