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Police: Tires slashed on 25 vehicles in New London

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New London — The tires on 25 different vehicles were slashed Sunday night in New London, police said.

At 11:58 p.m. on Sunday, a person called police to report slashed tires on a vehicle near 187 Huntington St., according to the New London Police Department.

When officers arrived, they found that tires had been slashed on 24 other vehicles that were parked on Prospect, Federal, Broad and Hempstead streets, police said.

Police had no suspects yet, as of Tuesday evening. The investigation was ongoing.

Paul Carolan, a resident of Prospect Street — the same street where an oak tree crashed on a historical home last fall — said he heard a knock on the door about 3 a.m. and came outside and saw police cars. One of the police officers indicated that there was vandalism.

His family had two cars parked on the street, and the driver's-side front and back tires on both cars were slashed, he said. The family has AAA membershio and had to get both cars towed. It cost about $800 out of pocket to replace the tires, and two of them were quite new, he said.

Carolan said the neighborhood is close-knit. "We all look after each other," he said, adding that he appreciates that the police have been vigilant.

Another Prospect Street resident, Nicholas Dion, said that when he woke up, he heard his neighbors talking. He went outside and saw his neighbors all looking at their cars up and down the street. "They were upset," he said.

He said his car was the only one on the street whose tires were not slashed, which he thinks is likely because the rims were hit, rather than the tires.

But two tires on his wife's car were slashed, and all four tires had to be replaced on the all-wheel drive vehicle, he said.

Day Staff Writer Taylor Hartz contributed to this report.


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