Property Transactions September 7, 2018


140 Fitchville Rd:

Meka Contracting Corp to Kuliy, Volodymyr, $165,000.

50 Rosemarie Ln:

Friedman, Jay E & Friedman, Patricia E to Donelin, Lindsey M, $302,000.


15 Wall St:

Burba, John W & Burba, Debra to Holliday, Eric C & Holliday, Stephanie L, $249,900.

79 Hi Lea Farm Rd:

Bain, Mary C & Ciochini, Chris A to Shepherd, David R & Shepherd, Joy M, $347,000.

369 Cabin Rd:

Lorenzen, Joshua A & Lorenzen, Danielle to Kozlowski, Christopher A, $221,500.

506 Springbrook Cir #506:

Edwards, Mark & Edwards, Sandra L to Couillard, Joshua M, $187,500.


89 Edmond Rd:

Pendleton, Michael A & Pendleton, Vivian J to Cote, Tina M, $179,000.

1833 Glasgo Rd:

Caffary, Lynn J & Caffary, James P to Parkhurst, Carolyn M & Miguel, John, $205,000.

96 Mathewson St:

Rourke, Kelly & Midfirst Bank NA to Midfirst Bank NA, $111,449.

102 Rixtown Rd:

Jacaruso, Jason P & Jacaruso, Darlene T to Jackson, Ishmael & Jackson, Fadjani, $222,000.

51 Mohegan Dr:

Hedman, Michelle R to Ingram, Robert S & Ingram, Nicole, $267,000.


21 Ramsdell St:

Rossi, William D to Gonzales, Delsin, $169,000.

10 N Prospect St:

Hopkins, Mary E to Mayes, Mary E, $405,000.

300 Haley Rd:

USA HUD to Bruno, Daniel R, $165,000.

23 Prospect St:

Crotty, Ann M & Sawyer, Corinne C to Steadman, Mary A & Shakun, Harlan, $307,500.

8 Florence Dr:

Maple Ledge Assoc Inc to BD Asset Co 3 LLC, $107,000.

519 New London Rd:

Callaghan, Kathleen M to Wydler, Andrew & Wydler, Chelsea E, $281,500.

28 Sandy Hollow Rd:

FHLM to Covati, Matthew W, $271,000.

584 Shennecossett Rd #K:

Ormond, Margaret Y to Granger, Julie, $108,500.


83 Grandview Dr:

Archer, William L & Archer, Barbara E to Bonafine, Anthony, $38,000.

156 Lakeside Dr:

Berglund, Corinne S to Byam, Debra D, $325,000.

90 Lynch Rd:

Moon Mary S Est & Moon, Texas to Miller, Allyn, $40,000.

26 Ledge Rd:

Tremblay, Fernand A to Bright, Jill & Bright, Geoffrey, $121,000.

130 Goshen Hill Rd:

Waterman, Robert G to Clark, John E & Clark, Terry A, $91,000.

138 Goshen Hill Rd:

Withey, Jeffrey T & Withey, Mary B to Hanrahan, Darrel A, $312,000.


77 Iron St:

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Cianci, Edward & Lasalandra, Stephen, $102,900.

8 Devonshire Dr:

Maxwell, Bruce B to Premo, Robert E, $187,000.

28 Meeting House Ln:

Doe, William L & Doe, Lois J to Herber, Cordell B & Herber, Stephanie N, $219,900.

25 Barry Dr:

US Bank NA to Beason, Deirdre, $96,600.

51 Eagle Ridge Dr:

Carr, Terrence S to Merrow, Justin T, $291,000.


9 Cottonwood Ln:

Clarkin, John M & Clarkin, Elizabeth M to Sklodosky, Todd A, $192,000.

208 Connecticut Blvd:

Way, June E & American Advisors Group to CRS Props, $107,500.

58 Connecticut Blvd:

Forrest, Brandon to Bailey, Christopher, $165,000.

260 Chesterfield Rd:

Legg Stephen N Est & Fuller, Therese M to KGIM Enterprises LLC, $265,500.

7 Michigan Cir:

Pelchat, Robert G & CIT Bank NA to CIT Bank NA, $163,000.

New London

106 Willetts Ave:

Cartee, Doris M to Martinez, Norma I, $139,900.

125 Connecticut Ave #125:

Wilmington Svngs Fund Tr to Delrusso, Richard, $45,100.


172 Elizabeth St:

GC Holdings LLC to Ellis, Meaghan & Ellis, Meaghan, $149,900.

7 Willey St:

Brown Capital LLC to Palmer, Brian L, $84,900.

51 Green Briar Rd:

CIT Bank NA to Yang, Shiyi, $120,000.

30 Old Tavern Rd:

Cotto, Antonio to Gorra, Michael C & Staplins, Crystal A, $200,000.

343 Franklin St:

US Bank NA Tr to J&J CT Properties LLC, $45,634.

1 Robbins Ct:

Busch, Raymond D & CIT Bank NA to CIT Bank NA, $114,000.

83 Briar Ln #83:

Yu, Wei R to Wen, Florence, $157,000.

15 Broad St:

Spectro LLC to Puello-Martinez, Juan A, $161,000.

356 New London Tpke:

Small Marianne Est & Valliere, John C to Dufault, Deanna M, $15,500.

Old Lyme

6 Maywood Dr:

May, Andrew C to May, Stuart H, $50,000.

36 Homestead Cir:

Florin, Robert C & Emerson, Kathleen E to Kissane, William M, $255,000.

29 Hawks Nest Rd:

Carnemolla, John to Snowdon, Carla E, $300,000.

30 Hillcrest Rd:

Ostiguy, Richard E to Moryto, William E & Moryto, Maureen, $282,000.


11 Jolly Rd:

Lefevre, Matthew to Cohen, Sarah E, $155,000.

8 Moosup Pond Rd:

Bank New York Mellon Tr to NE Renovations LLC, $89,900.

187 Roper Rd:

Hamel, James M & Hamel, Cynthia B to Garcia, Steven A, $350,000.

8 N Potvin Ave:

USA HUD to Hokanson-Dion, Michael, $108,330.

61 Snake Meadow Hill Rd:

Hawkins, Joseph G & Hawkins, Judith A to Hawkins, Amanda, $156,250.

129 Daggett St:

Guilbeault Arthur E Est & Querfeld, Cindy B to TMC Keywest LLC, $57,000.

45-47 2nd St:

US Bank NA to Taylor, Dawn M, $94,500.

47 N Sterling Rd:

Everson, Graeme J to Valenti, Anita M & Boas, Geneveive, $349,900.


Kidds Way:

Stritar, Jeffrey A & Stritar, Susan H to JXL LLC, $600,000.

12 Chesebro Ln:

Bradley, David A to Mccarthy, Kevin & Cox, Marianne O, $415,000.

20 Marie Ave:

Kenyon Beatrice L Est & Kittrick, Cheryl to Kittrick, Joseph & Kittrick, Cheryl, $182,400.

22 Oak Dr:

Clapp, Susan K to Costello, Kevin P & Alexander, Alden F, $455,000.

35 Stillman Ave:

Simas, Angelina to Siravo, Naomi, $250,000.

607 Greenhaven Rd:

Stowe Robert S Sr Est & Stowe, Thomas W to Madden, Gregory D & Arbuckle, Ronald G, $315,000.

345 N Anguilla Rd:

Holcomb, Terence L & Hansen, Alison M to Katinas, James S & Katinas, Corinne M, $380,000.

59 Stanton Ln:

White, Nancy & White, Nancy C to Mangini, Richard J, $262,000.


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