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    Real Estate
    Friday, December 01, 2023

    Property Transactions 11-17-23


    102 Tracy Rd: Mtg Assets Mgmt LLC to B&l Properties LLC, $231,000.

    Westminster Rd: Daviau, Denise to Bunovsky, Keith, $89,000.


    42 Antioch Rd: Kubit, Jean K to Pompea, Todd S & Pompea, Marci A, $426,500.

    43 James St: Mclean, Donna M to Macierowski, Timothy A, $260,000.

    74 Stoneridge Rd: Lyons, James & Lyons, Amy to Raes, Dylan & Raes, Lauren, $420,000.

    7 Westchester Hls #D: Okelly, John H & Okelly, Leslie D to Hernandez, Maximillan, $185,000.

    N/A: North Pond Dev LLC to North Pond Homes LLC, $92,000.

    N/A: North Pond Dev LLC to North Pond Homes LLC, $115,000.


    15 Arbor Xing: Carrier Enterprises Inc to Escott, Jeffrey & Escott, Sabena, $861,595.

    62 Arbor Xing: Patel, Nilam to Das, Mithun, $864,000.

    Grand St: Barton, Bruce A & Barton, Gail E to Lozinak, Michael T & Lozinak, Dia, $505,000.


    151 Bitgood Rd: Stradczuk Patty A Est & Burinda, Holly to Zhu, Ziaofeng & Xue, Yong, $220,000.


    8 Benjamin Rd: Hoburg, Adam J to Gelinas, Paul & Gelinas, Anna A, $675,000.

    74 Buddington Rd #5: Hatfield Ryaz A Est & Hatfield, Annie P to Hatfield, Ryaz A, $160,000.

    66 Cindy Ln: Luke, Mark E & Luke, Debra A to Schaefer, Charles L & Schaefer, Leslie B, $315,000.

    85 Crown Knoll Ct #110: Obrien, Michael to Gilbert, Charles R & Cokely, Deana M, $135,000.

    133 Fairview Ave: William B Zeppieri T & Mcmicken Sr, John T to Doyle, Timothy & Doyle, Holly M, $300,000.

    11 George Ave: Gagaring, Federico V & Gagaring, Margarita S to Kalin Jr, Paul & Kalin, Amanda, $325,000.

    2590 Gold Star Hwy #218: Lloyd, Ann L to Sauer, Patricia D & Sauer, Vincent G, $225,000.

    25 Hillside Rd: Remmert Jr, David L to Pesoni Corp, $268,500.

    296 Indigo St: Whitlle Kathy H Est & Bennett, Lenore to Weissich, Seth, $282,000.

    59 Mitchell St: Welch, Ronald F to Lines, Thomas & Lines, Mikaela, $359,000.

    Noank Ledyard Rd: Whittle Richard A Est & Pratt, Carol W to Willow Spring Farm Llp, $314,100.

    5 Prospect St: Cruthers, David C & Cruthers, Josephine A to Steiger Nt & Steiger, Deborah J, $1,255,000.

    55 Sound Breeze Ave: Santoro, Eric P to Cider Hill Properties LLC, $565,000.

    36 Spring Valley Rd: Pierce, Donald R & Pierce, Patricia J to Stevenson, John D & Stevenson, Janine C, $303,000.

    N/A: Startz, Brooke E to Santoro, Eric & Santoro, Scott, $255,000.


    90 Trumbull Hwy: Richards, Tiffany M & Richards, Tyler D to Garcia, Omar G & Garcia, Herlinda G, $330,000.


    1 Lakeside Dr #L: Logue, Andrew R & Logue, Janine M to Kerr, Kyle P, $167,000.


    2 Chesterfield Rd: Chesterfield Hls Est Inc to Heights Development LLC, $26,250.

    60 Glendale Rd: Gonzalez, Stacy T & Gonzalez, Orlando to Crouch, Catherine M, $298,000.

    38 Hidden Acres Rd: Dessert, Betty A to Brown, Jason L, $189,000.

    7 Holly Hill Dr: Qui, Xiu M to Chan, Christopher, $225,000.

    46 Lathrop Rd: Perkins, Cynthia E & Perkins, Kevin A to Grillo, Peter C & Grillo, Heather, $360,000.

    300-E Maple Ave: Montville Town Of to Samehhabikelada, Rami, $20,000.

    1691 Norwich New London Tpke #D3: Cheswick 3rd, Edward to Ceramicoli, Morgan A, $220,000.

    2040 Norwich Tpke: Hassan LLC to Jannat LLC, $410,000.

    118 Park Ave: Weisbrod, Jeremy to Larose Construction LLC, $165,000.

    61 Point Breeze Rd: Bradlaw Carol A Est & Woodmancy, Wayne to Woodmancy, Jacob, $63,000.

    1030 Route 163: Adams, Danielle M to Plante, Nichole, $300,000.

    126 Sharp Hill Rd: Tine, Shaun C to Tine, Monica, $384,000.

    N/A: Mculley Shirley M Est & Lunden, Marion to Reyes, Bruce D & Reyes, Diana D, $165,000.


    25 Franklin St: Kenneth E Kornegay T & Kornegay, Stephanie to Tmc Keywest LLC, $645,000.


    Miller Rd: Eric H Opin RET & Opin, Erich H to Evans Jr, Robert B & Evans, Tina M, $250,000.

    12 N Anguilla Rd: Alberter, Aaron T & Cade, Gwendolyn J to Leo, Jason P & Leo, Elizabeth E, $650,000.


    136 Sheraton Ln #136: Tomlin Jr, Jackie L to Torres, Shannon, $165,000.


    40 Browns Ln: Costa, Robert A & Costa, Susan to Drew, Ariel & Quigley, James J, $615,000.

    6 Ferry Rd: Mulholland, Kevin & Mulholland, Anne to Ludington, Jane, $805,000.

    22 Riverview Dr: Hoglen, Jerry & Hoglen, Alexandra to Barrett, Jeremy, $490,000.

    66 Shore Rd: 66 Shore Rd LLC to Newcomb, Daniel R & Newcomb, Courtney B, $709,000.


    61-63 Goshen Rd: Dawley-Hill, Ashley to Lourenco, Alexia L, $288,000.

    8 Old Plainfield Rd: Ugarte, Jeffrey to Ot Realty LLC, $240,000.

    67 Shepard Hill Rd: Fadden, Amy M to Greczkowski Jr, Edward J & Lozada, Arnildo J, $415,000.

    4 Texas Heights Rd: Tichenor, Brian to Tmc Keywest LLC, $130,000.


    118 Branch Hill Rd: Hardy Home Bldrs LLC to Esmaieli, Kasandra & Hill, Samantha, $429,000.

    11 Route 165: Allen, Carol A & Allen, Richarda to Lesaffre, Olivia M & Candler, Daniel D, $350,000.


    641 Hanover Rd: Paige, Alyson to Leo, Diosy I, $225,000.


    Elizabeth Ave: Sylvestre, Richard J & Sylvestre, Linda M to Logan, Terrence P & Logan, Debby, $10,000.

    87 Latimer Point Rd: 87 Latimer Pt Road LLC to Latimer Point Road LLC, $4,850,000.

    43 Nautilus Way: Eg Shoreline 1 LLC to Levine, Bryan & Levine, Rachael, $270,000.

    32 Palmer St: Cook Thomas C Est & Eaves, Holly M to Rose, Robert P & Rose, Jacalyn A, $277,000.

    130 Pawcatuck Ave: Ayers, Amber M to Mason, Howard K, $355,000.

    5 Union St: Mastroianni, Antonio to Harkins, Peter C & Harkins, Susan E, $1,900,000.

    12 Yellowfin Ct: Eg Shoreline 1 LLC to Obrien, Denis & Obrien, Lori, $1,007,492.

    N/A: Porter Denise I Est & Goddard, Lance B to Wasoka, James & Galvin, Claudia, $300,000.


    80 N Shore Rd: Corey, Gerard to Monti, David P & Magnan, Virginia, $455,000.


    349 Boston Post Rd: Young, Jessica to Granell, Catlin & Granell, Angelo, $345,000.

    22 Devonshire Dr: Tryon, Roselynn & Venus 3rd, Joaquin P to Panico, Terri, $369,900.

    1 Hamel Ct: Waterford Town Of to Compass Point Group LLC & Pure One Svcs, $115,500.

    20 Marilyn Rd: Murch, Joshua E & Hathaway, Amy L to Sparcino, Victoria C, $340,000.

    6 Marlin Dr: Porte Janette Est & Perrone, David to Kelly, Joshua, $420,000.

    Milton Rd: Spencer, Dustin J to Burger, Hayden & Berry, Tamara, $375,000.

    3 Miner Ave: Tlm 1 Ltd to Flanagan, Patrick & Flanagan, Kerri, $252,000.

    561 Mohegan Avenue Pkwy: FNMA & Federal Natl Mtg Assn to Gilgeous, Trinesa, $309,000.

    276 Niantic River Rd: Chiulli, Laura C to Siegel, David B, $645,400.

    Old Norwich Rd: Auwood William M Est & Laro, Nancy A to Mccomic, Kyle J & Dazzi, Isabella D, $305,000.

    16 Pine St: Bahl, Cynthia M to Annello, Jennifer K, $261,000.

    54 Rope Ferry Rd: Bobrowski, Adam N to Britt, Brittney, $235,000.

    13 S Bartlett Rd: Craig, Nancy L to Mall, John, $250,000.

    12 Shawandassee Rd: Myers 2nd, Robert B & Myers, Carol-Ann to Turner, Seth I & Turner, Gail L, $750,000.

    165 Shore Rd: Shore Road Rlty Assoc LLC to Gerovitz, Randy, $615,000.

    15 Soljer Dr: Fogg, David to Jones, Tiffany M, $220,000.

    834 Vauxhall St Ext: Andrews, Jonathan & Andrews, Kerigan M to Hanan, Abdul, $415,000.

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