How Courtney's little-noted bill became historic

Published: April 5, 2020 | Paul Choiniere

This is not the way the workings of representative democracy and the enacting of legislation was explained in Civics class.

Democrats can make reform a winning issue

Published: March 29, 2020 | Paul Choiniere

Senators and members of the House of Representatives, and often their top aides, know stuff the rest of us don’t, or at least know it sooner.

Our lives interrupted

What is making this so hard to process is that everything appears so ordinary.

Garde film fest was fun, this is not

A week ago I was enjoying the end of this year winter cinema series at the Garde. Now we're all feeling like we are in a movie.

Anti-Trump tidal wave looms over Connecticut GOP

The wave that swept away the hopes of Republicans in 2018 has still not crested. That anti-Trump wave is still building, heading toward the Nov. 3, 2020, election.

Senator says state doing better, but that's a matter of perspective

“I don’t think the progress that we’ve made is being recognized,” said state Sen. Cathy Osten when she sat down with the editorial board.

Legislature should stay out of debates taking place on college campuses

Should the legislature be assuring the free exchange of ideas on college campuses? Don't we have a First Amendment to guarantee that?

Impeachments, acquittals, heroes, villains, votes — what a week!

Wednesday featured the acquittal of President Trump on the impeachment articles of Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress. It also brought the integrity of Utah Sen. Mitt Romney.

Murphy emerges as major voice on foreign policy

The Connecticut senator offers a diplomatic vision for the country that is the polar opposite of the current administration. Democrats running for president might do well to listen to him.

Surreal times at a chamber luncheon

It was made clear, once again, that Rep. Courtney did not relish the opportunity to impeach President Donald Trump. He had to do it, he not so effectively explained.

Ranked voting: You don't have to settle for lesser of 2 evils

A ranked voting system gives voters greater freedom to consider third-party and independent candidates and discourages candidates from attacking one another.

In Norwich, Nystrom sets agenda for a new reality

In Norwich the mayor is not a strong position, with only one vote on the council and no veto power. Mayor Nystrom recognizes he must lead by persuasion.

2020 could prove critical for Somers' future ambitions

Somers needs to retain her 18th District Senate seat next November to demonstrate vote-getting ability and from which to launch an attempt to become governor.

On impeachment, this time Courtney could not turn away

It is apparent Rep. Courtney came to support the articles of impeachment reluctantly, but saw it as his duty to draw a line against the abuse of presidential power.

Impeachments, reports, witnesses: Don't they know folks are busy?

After not doing much for the first 11 months of the year, Congress is jamming all sorts ot sensational sessions into December, just when everyone is already flat out dealing with the holidays.

New London's diversity was on display at swearing-in

Democrats have long been dominant in New London, but the Republican lamp is burning dimmer than I can ever remember it.

Student loan forgiveness; a promise broken

Twelve years ago, as part of a bill to make a college education more accessible and affordable, promises of student loan relief were made. Now that promise is being broken.

Finally, money in Connecticut's piggy bank. Don't break until needed

Nonprofits providing social services want a slice of the surplus, while Senate Republicans suggest using it in a scheme to pay for transportation. How about letting it build up?

Congdon's big gamble 10 years on

A decade ago the retiring first selectman asked his small town to take a big leap. It is still uncertain if it will fully pay off.

Tuesday's defeat could spell trouble for Osten in 2020

Republicans knew Osten was in trouble. Sprague has fiscal problems. It had backed Trump in 2016. The party's concerted effort to defeat her worked.

Great debate road show wraps up

After watching the zero-sum politics in Washington, where lobbyists exert tremendous influence and both parties confuse compromise with surrender, it is good for the soul to observe representative government in its purist form.

Send the right message, New London, vote Catala out

This young woman did the right thing. She held Jason Catala responsible for his actions. Like her, voters need to do the right thing and withhold their votes.

Why Is Rivera so upset by benign letter on New London scandal?

School board president suggests mayor is playing politics with scandal. That's interesting, given he was superintendent when the scandal was unfolding.