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Saying adieu after 42 years of deadlines

Published: September 12, 2021 | Paul Choiniere

The challenges that confront local, state and federal governments, the disagreements, turmoil and anger — and the politics — it all filters through the opinion pages. I wanted to be in charge of them.

Is allowing vaccine and mask debate fair or a public-health disservice?

I see the mission of our opinion pages as providing a variety of views on issues that are under debate, particularly those views that disagree with the editorial board.

Tong, Purdue, and the opioid fight

Connecticut now find themselves on the outside looking in concerning the Purdue Pharma case. Last year 15 states announced a settlement with the Connecticut-based company of $4.5 billion. Tong's not buying it.

Republicans put majority on notice; spend opioid settlement on problem

The attorney general assured Republican leaders the money is to be used to combat opioid addiction, though he added a big "notwithstanding."

It appears COVID is here to stay

The idea of fixing the problem is fading, replaced by an approach to manage it.

Did you hear the one about restoring Congress's war authority?

If a proposal introduced by Chris Murphy and two fellow senators manages to gain bipartisan traction, it would mark a historic recalibration of the balance of power, and one that is badly needed.

That Connecticut is slipping back on garbage disposal stinks

In the 1980s Connecticut authorities used development of trash-to-energy incinerators to close landfills. But state officials have failed to come up with a next-generation plan, and now the stuff is headed back to landfills.

Paying for prison calls. Going from one extreme to another?

Connecticut went from a state that was among the highest in charging for calls and making money off them to one that will not charge at all.

More state budget winners than losers as session ends

Right now Lamont heads toward a 2022 re-election bid with a strong tailwind.

Can Assembly get health care deal done?

Everyone agrees on the need to do something — progressive Democrats, the minority Republican caucus, centrist Democrats, and Gov. Ned Lamont. But, as of the last full week of the session, they had failed to agree on what.

Facing the emotions of mask repeal

“I don’t get it,” I said, once back in the car. “Why do people want to keep wearing masks? They can’t all be unvaccinated.”

New London Police staffing vote could backfire on petitioners

If critics of the repeal prevail, they will have gained little. The 80-officer figure will return but remain largely symbolic.

Write-in campaigns and May elections

At least a mayoral race in the City of Groton generated a decent turnout. In two other municipal elections on Monday, less than 100 people voted.

It's still easier to vote in Georgia than here. Change that.

Even after the recent changes in law, voting in Georgia can still begin up to 19 days before Election Day. In Connecticut there are no provisions for early voting.

Lamont looking hard to beat in 2022 for office GOP once controlled

Republicans blew their chance in 2018. It will likely be a while before they get another one as good.

A 'delicious' mayoral contest in City of Groton

Unusual campaign ingredients have produced an absolutely delicious political dish, spiced up with all sorts of political subplots.

Offshore wind energy plans brighten State Pier's future

New London stands to be a major player in the Biden administration's drive towards a cleaner energy future, but some critics still see that as a bad thing. It's not.

2017 deal pushed by GOP leaders a fiscal success, political bust

While a highly successful fiscal policy, a 2017 budget deal did nothing for the Republicans politically.