A big problem; a questionable solution

Published: April 21, 2019 | Paul Choiniere

There are reasons Congress could not get the votes for a public option and why no other state has adopted the approach, though others are debating it as well.

New London mayor should return some donations

Published: April 14, 2019 | Paul Choiniere

The mayor taking campaign donations from contractors doing business with his city is not illegal, but it sure doesn't look good.

Positive signs since New London's switch to mayoral government

By any measure, the city is in far better fiscal health since reintroduction of the mayoral system. An awful public housing project has closed. The grand list is growing.

Sorry, news gathering is not free

People may want their news free, but it is not free to gather. Journalists are professionals, their jobs challenging. And like any job, they deserve to get paid.

It's time for an online privacy law

Why have we allowed the internet to evolve as this largely unregulated domain? It is a mistake that needs correcting.

Ignoring the wars that others fight

"The wars are largely unwatched, uncriticized, unassessed and unexperienced outside of a small warrior caste," said a war correspondent during his talk to a foreign policy group last week.

Getting serious about closing education gap

Extreme dependence on property taxes gives two strikes against our urban centers, their schools and students.

30 years on, little has changed

Two major court cases in Connecticut that were supposed to fundamentally improve educational opportunities for poor city kids and the fate of neglected children have not had the desired results.

Nolan's 'Nothing' answer in New London debate was unacceptable and revealing

In answering he had nothing to say to frustrated Republicans in the 39th District he hopes to represent, Democratic candidate Anthony Nolan was suggesting they didn’t matter.

Paid family leave debate has shifted

Given the election results, Democrats have a mandate to pass paid family leave. Opponents should shift their focus to pushing for a law that is sustainable and won't require ever higher taxes.

Millennials are new generational top dog and Republicans should be worried

Boomers have been the dominant generation for a very long time, but that is about to change as millennials move into first place.

Formica feeds the hand that bit

State Sen. Paul Formica was not very welcomed in New London on election night, but he was back in service to the city a few weeks later.

NFA, stop blocking release of public information

NFA is subject to the FOI Act. I should know. As the Norwich reporter for The Day in 1990 I filed the complaint with the FOI Commission that led to the ruling that NFA’s records are open to the public.

A death in the family

Dogs have personalities, no doubt about it. Chandler’s personality was upbeat. He was a happy dog. It was impossible to stay angry with him.

Our legislative agenda for 2019

From fiscal policy, to possible legalization of marijuana, to a debate on tolling state highways it promises to be an eventful few months in Hartford.

Human services provides an opportunity for structural change

The new governor and legislature should not miss this opportunity to transition to a new private nonprofit model to provide human services.

Lamont and Malloy, similar on policy, much different in personality

Malloy was a political brawler. Lamont, conversely, is earnest in his perception that everyone can and will pull together for the good of the state.

In Connecticut politics, losing can be winning

History repeated itself when the loser of a close Senate race ended up with a job in government. Only this time it was a Republican who climbed into the life raft.

Never thought Cable and I would part

Cable TV and I have gone though a lot, but pushed by the high cost for a bunch of channels I didn't want, something had to change.

Political pick but also sensible one

Sometimes budget director Ben Barnes' candor had to cause Malloy to cringe.

Gifted reporter works to save journalism

“I was in the job of a lifetime, it was such an adventure,” recalled Charles Sennott of his early reporting days. Now he is dedicated to giving others the chance at that adventure.

Senator Somers puts her Republican Party on notice

Somers’ win was impressive. She kept her losses low in Groton and Stonington and won elsewhere, taking the election by 3,000 votes, 10 percentage points.

A midterm election like no other

President Trump has made this election about him, his governance style and his tactics. So what verdict will the country deliver?