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Digital world helps 'people peaceably to assemble'

Published: September 20, 2020 | Paul Choiniere

The boat parade was a reminder that even in blue-state Connecticut, which I suspect Biden will carry easily, Trump has a large group of loyal supporters.

Talking taxes with ideological and political adversaries

Published: September 13, 2020 | Paul Choiniere

The two candidates for state Senate in the 20th District agree the state will need to find more revenues, but disagree on the details of where those revenues should come from.

Public policy and the state legislative races

I see no political path for Republicans to gain control of either chamber, but if they could erode the size of Democratic majorities it could influence some major policy decisions.

Eastern Connecticut's growing importance to the state Republican party

Drive through interior New London and much of Windham counties and you will see plenty of Trump signs. And there are plenty of votes behind them.

Dismiss the speculation, Biden won't be ducking the presidential debates

Finding an excuse not to debate would be a monumental mistake by Joe Biden. It would serve as confirmation that he is seriously slipping mentally. I would be shocked if it happened.

Good to see Dalio back at it

Barbara Dalio was remarkably unassuming. She did not reek of rich. If she had met me for a business lunch at a Chili’s Restaurant, she would not have looked out of place.

Fighting a losing and foolish battle

In dismissing a lawsuit brought by Republican candidates, state Supreme Court Chief Justice Richard Robinson basically said, “What are you doing here?”

Gun reform a 2020 election issue as public attitudes shift

Popular in polls, requiring that everyone undergo an FBI background check before purchasing a firearm would seem low-hanging fruit in the gun-control fight, but the Republican Senate still opposes it.

Tolls turned out to be a blip on the political radar

In the wake of a pandemic and the drive to address long-standing racial inequality, all the angst over tolls seems rather trivial.

Courtney's challenger makes a cuckoo national list

This year Republicans nominated a 29-year-old, conspiracy-following candidate who would seem a far better fit for a deep red state than the purplish Second District.

Why so many don't vote. And what if they did?

So many have fought to hard for the opportunity to vote. That makes it all the more troubling that 100 million don't bother.

Governing like a Disney villain

With this latest move, Trump, who apparently has never seen a natural resource he didn’t want to exploit, and seems fixated in undoing anything Obama accomplished, is on shaky legal ground.

Grassroots politics in time of pandemic

The pandemic is inhibiting the ability of challengers to gain the name recognition they need to make a serious run against state legislative incumbents.

Polarized politics pulls Stonington first selectwoman into its orbit

Danielle Chesebrough seemed genuinely flabbergasted that she had become a villain to some in the go-cautious crowd, a hero to the “set us free” tribe.

Gannett hatchet taking out the best at local newspapers

Last month the Pew Research Center reported that the number of newspaper newsroom employees dropped by 51% between 2008 and 2019, from about 71,000 workers to 35,000.

It has been an interesting 13 years

As politics has shifted to the political poles, somehow our centrist approach has become a leftist agenda or a conservative sellout, depending on one’s perspective.

Fasano serving his loyal-opposition role to the end

The Republican leader said he in no way thinks Lamont has abused his authority for any self- or political interest. But no governor, he said, should be above challenge. Who would disagree with that?

How will COVID-19 election play out?

How President Trump handled the crisis and leads the recovery has quickly become the dominant issue in the 2020 presidential election.

How Courtney's little-noted bill became historic

This is not the way the workings of representative democracy and the enacting of legislation was explained in Civics class.

Democrats can make reform a winning issue

Senators and members of the House of Representatives, and often their top aides, know stuff the rest of us don’t, or at least know it sooner.