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Offshore wind energy plans brighten State Pier's future

Published: April 11, 2021 | Paul Choiniere

New London stands to be a major player in the Biden administration's drive towards a cleaner energy future, but some critics still see that as a bad thing. It's not.

2017 deal pushed by GOP leaders a fiscal success, political bust

Published: April 4, 2021 | Paul Choiniere

While a highly successful fiscal policy, a 2017 budget deal did nothing for the Republicans politically.

Osten shows displeasure in vote against Lamont pick

When the roll was called there was one vote in opposition, Osten, co-chair of the powerful Appropriations Committee.

Reader asked how come we're tough on guns, easy on voting. Here's why.

There is a reason our editorial position is to make it easier but hard to obtain firearms.

Democracy, silly style in the City of Groton

So, is the purpose to discourage voter participation? If so, the recent City of Groton primary was a smashing success.

State public option would boost prospects of small businesses

In testimony to the legislature, Comptroller Kevin Lembo has been insistent that plans offered under a public option would be self-sustaining and affordable, with no recurring cost to taxpayers.

Passero makes a deal, and uses all his skills doing it

The New London mayor held out for increased funding to the city, but was wise not to push matters too far. He now calls himself a cheerleader for the wind-power project.

Praise from the right, criticism from the left for Gov. Lamont

Making life and death decisions for a year probably thickens the skin. After staring down a pandemic, Lamont should be able to deal with the angry progressives within the party ranks.

Constitutional protections prevail over good intentions

In trying to save young defendants from the stigma of public proceedings, the legislature sacrificed the protections open proceedings provide, both for the defendant and the public.

Is Waterford's nuclear waste dump status permanent?

The situation is causing no fiscal pain for Dominion and other nuclear energy companies. The DOE is picking up the tab to steadily increase nuclear waste storage at plants across the country.

Lost education of COVID generation of students

The consequences are most severe for low-income and minority children, who were less likely to have the necessary computer technology when remote learning began.

Dealmaker Lamont? The evidence, and Mayor Passero, suggest not.

What should have been easy is getting New London that seat on the port authority. Fulfilling that pledge to New London and Passero should have been a layup.

A tale of two images and the time of Trump

It is a scene of absolute chaos and disorder, of total disdain for rules and process, fueled by devotion not to a principle but to a man, Trump.

Tolls' bell has rung, so prepare to pay up, Connecticut taxpayers

Both the governor and Senate leader have now said a push to impose tolls in the state won't be revived, but they are open to raising revenue elsewhere.

Pragmatic Lamont resists tax hike talk

Gov. Lamont has warned a tax-the-rich approach would drive billionaires from the state. He shows no signs of changing that stance.

Lawmakers assume their leadership positions, or don't

The leadership assignments for the coming state legislative session were handed out recently. When it comes to appropriating, the region is well represented. But concerning House chairmanships, not so much.

Tolls make more sense than higher gas tax

Gas taxes will provide diminishing returns as motor vehicle efficiency improves and the fleet of hybrid and electric cars expands.

Lamont was right, Connecticut needs tolls

In three years the transportation fund will be broke and all signs point to the situation only getting worse as driving trends change.

I'll take the vaccine, hold the bacon

As you’ve read, developing a vaccine against the new, highly contagious, sometimes deadly and sometimes benign virus has been an unprecedented undertaking. That line is always ominous in a sci-fi flick.

Yeah, I'm talking 2022 already

On an otherwise bad day for Connecticut Republicans, Sen. Heather Somers won easily, which could set her up for a bid for the Republican nomination for governor in 2022.

Recalling state GOP glory days

Thirty-six years ago, Connecticut Republicans also had a presidential incumbent at the top of their ticket seeking a second term. That worked out much better for them than this time.

Local races to watch on Tuesday

I expect large turnout driven by Trump fervor — more against than for — will make it a good day for Democrats. Look for the party to expand its 22-14 Senate and 91-60 House majorities.

Voting in Connecticut will get easier, the only question is when and how

Republicans would be making a mistake if they try to get in front of this train.