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Can Bob’s $10 million buy a strategy? He needs one.

Published: May 14, 2022 | Paul Choiniere

How hard is it to beat an incumbent governor? You have to go back to 1954 to find the last time it happened in Connecticut.

Democrats face disaster if they don’t save social agenda

If Democrats can help beleaguered parents deal with childcare, ease their struggles in dealing with unexpected family crises, and reduce the cost of prescription drugs, they would have something to run on in toss-up states.

A satire, a misfire, and living with the bomb

A deterrent? An evil? A necessary evil? As the debate goes on, it is important to hear all voices. Just don't put words in my mouth, or that of The Day.

Planned Coast Guard Museum? Count me as excited

New London wants to host a museum, not be one.

Safe from development or at risk of stagnation?

Early look at the 2022 race for governor

To have any chance, Republicans need to significantly erode Lamont's approval rating. They are hoping a recent scandal in the administration can do the trick. But I doubt it.

20th Senate District is a prize. So where are the candidates?

It is getting harder to find folks willing to subject themselves to the villainization and ad hominem attacks in pursuit of a lousy-paying job that demands a lot of time.

Transforming Fort Trumbull, without a Coast Guard Museum

While the development of the residential properties and the community center will leave some parcels undeveloped, I suspect it won't be for long.

Core principles to strain toxins from our politics

I still believe we can debate and disagree without being disagreeable. But no longer can we assume our self-governance will persist.