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Lunchflation: Ouch!

Published: May 21, 2022 | David Collins

Never mind gas for commuting and return-to-the-office clothes, the rising cost of lunch has been a marked inflation shock for those no longer working from home.

Stonington vs. New London: Good cops, bad cops for body camera disclosure

Published: May 19, 2022 | David Collins

Stonington won't charge for FOI requests for police body cam video footage while New London is fighting to impose big fees.

Transitions: New London's Shamrock Motors survives, evolves

Shamrock Motors, a New London institution for more than half a century, has new stewards, who are poised to continue a noble tradition of keeping fine and not-so-fine cars on the road.

Can Lamont contain State Pier corruption until the fall election?

The state continues to spend millions of dollars on a remake of State Pier, even as a federal criminal investigation probes the contracts.

Family feuds over control of Olde Mistick Village and Groton Plaza Court

Nieces and nephews of Joyce Resnikoff are asking the Probate Court to remove their aunt as trustee managing the trusts that own the major shopping centers in Stonington and Groton, accusing her of "self-dealing" and denying them their shares of the businesses.

The Connecticut Republican Party just deflated

Connecticut Democrats are going to need more than ever to safeguard social rights and privacy protections here against the radical religious Supreme Court created by Republicans

Neighbors' lawyer: Groton is secretly talking with a new Mystic Oral School developer

A lawyer representing neighbors of the abandoned oral school property says town staff have held secret talks with a developer to whom Respler Homes has said it is selling its interest in the school project.

Lawsuit accusing Groton Town police chief of killing a suicidal man is before state Supreme Court

Attorneys for the estate of Timothy Devine, who shot himself in the head after police fired painful rubber projectiles at him, said the actions of a State Police unit then under the command of town Police Chief Louis Fusaro caused the young man's death.

Celebrity lawyer drops the n-word and his pants

Attorney Norm Pattis was caught on video dropping his pants and using racist slurs in a standup routine at a pizza restaurant talent show that was anything but funny.

Groton manager threatened to withhold support for police oversight committee

Town Manager John Burt said he would keep police from participating on the new police–community committee if councilors chose "unreasonable membership."

A petition to save Mystic's Downing Cottage has more than 1,200 signatures

The Mystic River Historical Society is managing a petition on to save the Downing Cottage at 17 Gravel St., after the Mystic Historic District Commission, in a split vote, said it could be torn down, triggering a 90-day appeal period.

New London demands $628.99 for police to edit FOI-requested body cam video

The city says police can edit their own body cam videos and charge for the labor involved, despite that a Freedom of Information Commission official has said police can't charge for the labor of redacting videos.

A Stamford hedge fund manager finances hate mongering in Connecticut politics

A top-tier national funder of campaigns against abortion, gays and transgendered people has promised to spend $1 million stirring up Connecticut's cultural wars.

Mystic parking wars: Nana's vs. Sea Swirl

The busy summer season has started early in Mystic, with jostling over parking near popular eateries on Route 1.

The Day will look at solutions to the region's housing crisis

The reporting project will examine the region's housing problems at a time when they are being exacerbated by inflation and the ongoing effects of the pandemic.

Amid talk on curbing gun violence, a Republican raises baseball bat murders

Sen. Heather Somers said no guns were used in the 2017 triple murder in Griswold, but the violence followed a drugs-for-guns deal that went bad, according to police.

OK, I say 'uncle' on objections to the Coast Guard museum location

The fresh $50 million in federal funding signals the project is back on course, with more money available where that came from.

No wonder Gov. Lamont tried to cut FOI funding request

The governor's administration tried to eliminate a position from the FOI Commission's budget request, but the legislature is poised to put it back.

Join the campaign: Save Downing Cottage

State historic preservation officials plan to meet Monday to talk about the local approval — stayed for 90 days to allow appeal — of the demolition of 17 Gravel St. in Mystic.

Bizarre: Groton historic commission approves demolition of 1835 house

The commissioned approved demolition of an iconic Gravel Street house without any testimony that it is structurally unsound.

C'mon Gov. Lamont, tell us the latest overruns on your State Pier boondoggle

Gov. Ned Lamont must know much higher than the last estimate of $235 million the State Pier project is likely to go.

Groton residents finally got their say on data centers, and it was a resounding no

About the only positive remarks about a proposed data center at a Groton public hearing were from someone who would profit from the controversial development and his mother.

Connecticut's data center real estate speculation game is aflame in lawsuits

A powerful group of Hartford lawmakers, lobbyists and a former attorney general crafted a tax exemption law for data centers at the behest of speculators now embroiled in nasty, mud-slinging lawsuits.

Why is a crazed Groton rushing into controversial data center deal?

Groton needs to learn much more about the developer proposing a controversial data center and not accept his demand to fast-track a deal.

Bob Stefanowski rested, relaxed and restless for a rematch with Lamont

The Republican candidate for governor says former President Donald Trump lost the 2020 election and that those found responsible for Jan. 6 — "regardless of the level" — should be held accountable.

New Groton City Democratic chairman supported Trump

Jean-Claude Ambroise was an enthusiastic Trumpist on Facebook during the 2016 presidential election, calling Democrats corrupt, incestuous elitists and making fun of Hillary Clinton's pantsuits.

Groton never investigated the interconnected, lawsuit-rich history of aspiring data center developers?

The companies once or now run by the developers proposing data centers in Groton are bogged down with litigation by creditors

I nominate Sen. Cathy Osten to primary Ned Lamont for governor

State Sen. Osten would be a good choice to help Democrats escape a reelection gubernatorial campaign by a governor engulfed by growing scandals.

Groton should reject Gov. Ned Lamont's corporate welfare for tax-free data centers

The company proposing a tax-free data center in Groton was formed only a few months ago and has never built anything like what it is planning here.

Eversource CEO Joe Nolan gives scandal-plagued Gov. Lamont a State Pier hug

The utility executive, who has been generally mum about the State Pier rebuild engineered for his company, suddenly praised it publicly, as news about an FBI probe into the spending unfolds.

Democrats on Lamont's burning ship of scandal may miss the last safe harbor

Democrats should be wary about a Lamont scandal that might keep widening before Election Day.

Connecticut's see-no-corruption attorney general

Attorney General Tong keeps turning a blind eye to scandals engulfing the Connecticut Port Authority, whose spending on a $235 million remake of State Pier in New London is under investigation by the FBI.

Why not start building the Coast Guard Museum right now, downtown?

There's lots of room now on Eugene O'Neill Drive, historic Main Street, and it would be a powerful redevelopment force.

Connecticut's corruption culture matures in the Lamont era

Gov. Ned Lamont used his private corruption investigation of the state's top prosecutor to deflect attention from a federal investigation into spending by his administration.

Another State Pier scandal may be about to drop on candidate Lamont

The watchdog agency Connecticut State Contracting Standards Board is planning to discuss its review of controversial port authority contracts at its meeting Friday.

New London will fight to keep spy camera locations secret

In responding to a Freedom of Information request, the city redacted information from emails pertaining to the location of police surveillance cameras, setting up a review of its claims for exemption with a complaint before the state FOI Commission.

Trump will hover over Stefanowski vs. Lamont 2.0

It looks like the gubernatorial race is shaping up to be a rematch, another in which Republican challenger Bob Stafanowski will have a hard time escaping his support of Donald Trump.

Bank Street developer once named one of New York's 'worst landlords'

The developer accommodated with a zoning rule change in New London agreed to a $1 million settlement with the New York attorney general to resolve accusations of harassing tenants.

Shame on New London's Planning and Zoning commissioners

They approved an offensive, modern prefabricated building in the heart of the downtown historic district without even discussing unanimous objections by members of the Historic District Commission

Preston should say no to Pequots' plan for RV park on Avery Pond

The parking lot with hundreds of spaces for RVs would overwhelm the modest Avery Pond wetlands ecosystem and ruin the adjacent residential neighborhood with excessive commercial development

Elected officials need to pay attention to high unemployment rates here

The rate is only slightly higher in Waterbury, Hartford and Ansonia.

Shame on Connecticut for imprisoning Jancis Fuller for 25 years

The only explanation for the excruciatingly long sentence on simple charges of attempted assault is that she was accused of attacking a powerful judge.

One of Connecticut's most picturesque farms preserved

David Rathbun has sold the development rights to and forever preserved Wehpittituck Farm, which is on land in Stonington that has been in his family since 1650.

Amtrak's secret: The cost of a metal barrier along a Stonington preserve

Amtrak, incredibly, won't dislose how much it spent building an enrmous new black metal fence along the southern border of Avalonia Land Conservancy's 16-acre Knox Preserve in Stonington.

Are New London's secret spy cameras a creep toward authoritarianism?

The city's mayor has endorsed the police chief's intention to keep the location of surveillance cameras being installed with federal pandemic relief money secret.

Will Lamont's State Pier and budget office scandals collide?

The same person who headed construction at State Pier for the scandal-plagued port authority was pushed out as deputy state budget director, with an investigation of him now underway.

Stonington is not listening to residents, again

Residents who live near conservation land the town is planning to help purchase deserve answers about what kind of hunting will be allowed on the property.

The new Groton Town Council forms a circular firing squad

Councilors, unable to reach consensus on who among them should be mayor, ignore an obvious solution and adjourn in disarray.

What's wrong with Attorney General William Tong?

It appears the only time he stands up for the little guy is when he's part of a national coalition formed by lots of attorneys general.

Seaside State Park is a Connecticut embarrassment

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection says it has no immediate pans to replace the only sign marking the park entrance. Long neglected, Seaside is now the state's hidden park.

How about Sens. Cathy Osten or Heather Somers for governor?

We are heading toward a dull remake of the last gubernatorial contest, but we could hope for more, right?

May the Thanksgiving spirit linger

It's a holiday that's hard to let go of.