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Giving thanks in a pandemic

Published: November 24, 2020 | David Collins

There is still much to be thankful for, even as the pandemic grows worse.

Build a $20 million Coast Guard museum bridge without the museum?

Published: November 28, 2020 | David Collins

The National Coast Guard Museum Association asked the state to start construction of the $20 million pedestrian bridge this fall, before it has raised enough money or obtained permits to build the actual museum.

Groton council weighs abandoning rights to road on the Mystic River

The council wants to ask permission for public access for a Mystic waterfront area described as a road in town land records.

Will Lamont finish destroying New London's road salt business?

DRVN Enterprises, with 12 full-time employees, says it can't meet the state's end-of-the-year deadline to move its $5 million pile of salt from State Pier.

Stonington Democrats let their town turn red

The Stonington Democratic Town Committee is on a long losing streak and needs new leadership.

Who cares what the Coast Guard commandant thinks?

The commandant wants the Coast Guard museum in downtown New London, but the community seems to favor Fort Trumbull.

Is Democratic Gov. Lamont turning eastern Connecticut red?

The governor has treated the region badly and that may have played a part in Democrats doing more poorly here than in the rest of the state on Election Day.

There are two different Mystics for coastal access

Stonington welcomes visitors to Mystic River Park, which celebrated its 25th anniversary last month, while Groton lets a crucial public access sign on its riverfront walkway disappear and won't replace it.

How Connecticut shut down a business and road salt competition

The owner of DRVN Enterprises, the salt entrpreneur who brought competition to the road salt business with imports through State Pier, says he has nowhere to move the $5 million salt supply.

Collins: Connecticut found its voting groove

The polls of eastern Connecticut were busy but surprisingly calm and quiet for the historic pandemic election.

Why is no one planning The Coast Guard Museum at Fort Trumbull?

It's time for a reality check on the doomed downtown site and to stop wasting public money on it.

Will Connecticut Republicans pay a price for silence on Trump?

A shrinking Republican Party in the state may be the price anti-Trump voters in Connecticut exact.

Attorney General Tong refused to investigate antitrust complaint about State Pier

A lawyer representing the 15-employee road salt dealer at State Pier says his client is being pushed out of business by "unscrupulous" unfair trade practices, but the attorney general won't investigate.

Connecticut Republicans, loyal soldiers in the party of Trump

Republican candidates in Connecticut won't talk about Trump but support much of his agenda.

Attorney General Tong argues to keep whistleblower complaints secret

The attorney general fought before the Freedom of Information Commission to keep a whistleblower complaint about management misuse of funds at the Connecticut Port Authority secret.

This important Groton Republican isn't doing Trump's bidding

U.S. Attorney John Durham of Groton apparently isn't going to deliver an October surprise for the election.

Not one Republican candidate in eastern Connecticut would comment on Trump

Republicans did not respond to an invitation in the newspaper and by email to comment on the candidate at the head of their ticket.

Lamont to region on COVID-19 spike: You figure it out

The governor has suggested he will let eastern Connecticut communities facing a COVID-19 spike to set their own pandemic rules.

Sen. Osten throws a sharp elbow at Gov. Lamont

The senator from Sprague took the governor to task for his treatment of the two tribes that run casinos in eastern Connecticut.

Local candidates: Give us two sentences on Trump

Voters deserve an opinion from all candidates on the candidacy of President Trump

Let's be honest, the downtown Coast Guard museum is dead

The museum went years without even meeting its 2017 fundraising goals.

Gov. Ned Lamont is at war with New London

Flash forward to the fall of 2020, with planning underway for Lamont's $157 million rebuild of the port of New London, and not only does the city not have a seat at the table but it is girding for a nasty battle, forced into a defensive crouch by none other than the governor himself.

Not with a gun on Fifth Avenue, but Trump killed a family friend

The president's decision not to tell Americans how deadly COVID would be cost many lives, including someone important to my family,

In Lamont's Connecticut, a felony arrest for a critic

The port authority chairman gave police an estimate of vandalism damage three times the actual cost, leading to the felony arrest of authority critic Kevin Blacker

Who will own the jewel of the Rhode Island coast?

The Coast Guard has declared the Watch Hill Lighthouse excess property, opening a competition for ownership of the historic lighthouse and the remarkable four-acre peninsula it sits on.

Mystic Museum of Art is suing Groton over its tax bill

The museum is in two legal fights over a house overlooking the Mystic River it once called its most significant charitable gift.

Is Connecticut GOP Chairman J.R. Romano on a social media leash?

The chairman has not posted on his official Twitter account since the day news broke of the party's endorsed candidate in the 2nd District being arrested on assault charges, an alleged crime party leaders had been told about.

Port authority's vandalism valuation led to Kevin Blacker's felony arrest

A replacement cost estimate of vandalism damage to signs near State Pier was developed by a consultant for the Connecticut Port Authority and put the amount at $163 over the threshold marking the difference between misdemeanor and felony charges.

Gov. Lamont, New London's waiting

The governor signed State Pier over to rich utilities for their wind business but made no provisions for host city New London to be paid for its services.

Shame on Stonington's selectwomen for tolerating hate speech

Instead of censuring a police commissioner for hateful things he posted on Facebook, the town's three selectwoman said people should get to know him.

Steve Bannon's $28 million ride docks in Noank

The Lady May, owned by an exiled Chinese billionaire, appeared off Stonington Point on Wednesday before heading to Noank, where it tied up overnight.

Stonington police: smeared by association

The attack on gays, transgendered and immigrants by a Stonington police commissioner reflects unfairly on the rank and file.

All's not well with the new salt mountain at State Pier

The salt, moved to a low-lying pier as a temporary measure, is owned by a tenant who has been evicted and ordered to get out by the end of the year.

Block Island, in a moped crisis, has a legislator with a conflict

Rep. Blake Filippi, who represents Block Island, operates a business renting mopeds on an island where there is a movement to ban them.

Republican Chairman J.R. Romano should resign

The GOP chairman didn't investigate serious allegations against the party's endorsed candidate in the Second Congressional District, who was arrested on the eve of this week's primary.

The COVID-19 summer of 2020 may shape 2022 gubernatorial race

A pandemic summer of protests and power outages might influence not just the next election but one in 2022.

Eversource shames the politicians courting it

Connecticut legislators have remained mute while Eversource hasn't finished a deal to compensate New London for lost tax revenues on the utility's lucrative commercial development in the city.

Some unexpected pleasures of the pandemic

Connecticut has shown its best self during the public health crisis.

Candidate's daughter, a veteran of The Day, won a Pulitzer

Cate Steel, the Democratic candidate in the 37th House District, has been busy campaigning in the pandemic, with her grown children living at home.

Connecticut GOP finds unions it can coddle: those representing police

Republicans missed a moment in history, rejecting modest police accountability measures.

New London promotes the Black firefighter it fired eight years ago

Alfred Mayo, who was fired and rehired to the largely white New London Fire Department after protests by the NAACP, will be promoted to lieutenant Friday.

Biden donors far outnumber Trump's on Connecticut's shoreline

An analysis of federal elections records by The New York Times produced an interactive map showing Biden and Trump donors.

How does the Connecticut GOP support a submarine-cutting Trump?

Connecticut Republicans used to care about defense spending and the threats posed by Russia.

Don't defund New London police; muzzle the union president

The New London police union president was out of line attacking city councilors for doing their jobs.

'White Mullets Matter' banner flies over Stonington

Someone has arranged to fly banners over a Stonington beach with a message that seems to echo the White Lives Matter mantra used by white nationalists.

Is East Lyme price gouging on nonresident beach passes?

The town is charging nonresidents for a limited number of daily passes as much as residents pay for seasonal passes.

Who will hold Stonington police accountable?

Police leadership has misled the public about whether hospital policy kept them from apprehending suspects in an assault on a Black employee of a Mystic hotel.

Could this Groton resident prosecute Biden or Obama?

John Durham of Groton, the U.S. attorney for Connecticut, is investigating the origins of the Mueller probe, and Attorney General William Barr says he can't rule out prosecutions of former President Obama or Vice President Biden.

House GOP bucked police accountability

All of eastern Connecticut's Republican representatives joined their GOP colleagues in unanimously voting against a police accountability bill, which Democrats passed last year.

Col. Bob Statchen chose pandemic help over campaigning for state Senate

The National Guard airman and Democratic candidate had to stay off the campaign trail after being called up for a pandemic assignment, distributing PPE to first responders.

The two sides of Sen. Formica's mouth on early voting

The senator from East Lyme was in a small minority of lawmakers who last year voted against a constitutional amendment on early voting.

Block Island may get tough on mandatory masks

The Town Council will review an islandwide mandatory mask ordinance in response to complaints about tourists without them.

A Confederate general is buried in New London

The Confederate flag that sometimes appears beside the grave was missing last week.

There's a Columbus statue in Westerly, too

Despite all the protests around the country about Columbus statues, there has been no public outcry about the one in downtown Westerly.

Good riddance to Columbus

Taking down the New London Christopher Columbus statue is the start of progress.

Connecticut Republicans: Time again for the Trump test

Republican candidates in Connecticut should either endorse or renounce the person at the head of their ticket.

Can Connecticut GOP block safe pandemic voting?

Republican leaders in the House and Senate have said they would oppose approving in a special session measures to expand absentee voting for the November election.

Take down Columbus; scrap New London's war machine

The city should listen to and take seriously the demands of a petition by city youth that has attracted more than 4,700 signatures.