Gov. Lamont help us: Shut down Electric Boat

Published: April 9, 2020 | David Collins

The shipyard shouldn't be allowed to continue risking workers' health to meet bonus production schedules.

Most of Westerly is outside Gov. Raimondo's border checkpoints

Published: April 3, 2020 | David Collins

Westerly, where there are so many cars with Connecticut plates, is largely spared the Rhode Island governor's interception of out-of-state drivers.

Mystic Airbnb hosts pitch 'Corona Free!' apartments

The tourism season seems to have started early in Mystic, driven by people seeking refuge from coronavirus.

Connecticut's Route 1, in the time of coronavirus

There's a strange mixture of business as usual and dark storefronts along the main commercial thoroughfare through the region.

Gov. Raimondo's Rhode Island roadblock bad policy

The governor's order to stop cars with New York plates has been called unconstitutional by the ACLU of Rhode Island.

A fragile Block Island braces for the worst

The island has limited medical facilities and is not prepared for a serious wave of illness.

Finding the good in a time of coronavirus

A lot of people seem to be looking for the silver lining.

The summer people are back

City residents with summer houses are seeking coronavirus refuge in the country or at the seashore.

Not even coronavirus can stop this dancing

The annual greeting the sun ceremony at North Stonington's Lantern Hill by the Westerly Morris Men went on as usual.

An eerie silence falls over the casinos

The empty parking lots at Foxwoods Resort Casino and Mohegan Sun tell the big story of social distancing.

Lamont gets his coronavirus groove

The governor seems at ease at the helm of the ship, as it crosses the shoals of a pandemic.

Connecticut Port Authority planned a dual-use State Pier, until it didn't

The request for bids to manage State Pier demanded proposals accommodating traditional cargo and wind but the chosen operator has focused on wind turbine assembly.

Democrats should plan for a Lamont successor

Gov. Ned Lamont probably wouldn't be missed in eastern Connecticut, where he has even refused to meet with one of the region's largest employers.

Connecticut Port Authority redacts email comments on governor's office meeting

Emails from port authority officials to and from their press consultants, sent at the time of the removal of the agency's executive director, inlcuding one following a meeting in the governor's office, have been redacted in an FOI response.

Connecticut Port Authority board member voted for pier deal despite conflict of interest

Port authority board member John Johnson, who owns property near State Pier, recused himself from matters related to the pier, until he didn't.

Does Sen. Formica know he represents New London?

Sen. Paul Formica, who represents New London, has been mum about the lack of a host deal that would compensate the city for not being able to collect property taxes on a rebuilt State Pier, a $157 million facility that will be used for a commercial enterprise.

Dine downtown in a monument to whaling wealth?

The now-empty 19th century bank building on Eugene O'Neill Drive would make a great restaurant or performance venue.

Why are Groton officials trying to hide coastal access?

Town officials have stubbornly refused to replace missing coastal access signs in Mystic for a state-designed public access trail.

Furlough Electric Boat executives instead

Electric Boat, supported by billions of dollars in public contracts, should be able to keep its workforce employed without furloughs.

Passero still is sweating details of Lamont's bad wind deal

The New London mayor, left on his own by Gov. Ned Lamont to negotiate a deal to compensate the city for the State Pier wind deal, still was working on it Tuesday.

Lamont abandons New London on wind deal

A 2003 state law might allow New London to tax the new wind port planned for State Pier, if the property is transferred to the port authority.

Pier remake could cost state three times $93 million estimate

One estimate for the renovations at State Pier to accommodate wind turbine assembly is more than three times what the Port Authority has publicly disclosed as the projected cost.

Bloomberg's Connecticut spending is eye-opening

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg plans a presidential campagn organization in Connecticut with dozens of staff members and offices across the state.

Berrigan on New London politics: Go Democrat or go home!

The former Green Party candidate for mayor recalls her campaign experiences in a charming new essay on salon.com.

New London acquires war-ready armored vehicle

City Police Chief Peter Reichard says the military surplus vehicle is needed to respond to emergencies involving active shooters.

Lamont's port authority spending lavishly in FOI fight

The Connecticut Port Authority, which sent three lawyers to a recent Freedom of Information Commission hearing, is spending many thousands of dollars on lawyers to hide legal bills from the public.

The rising cost of Lamont's State Pier plan is secret

The estimated cost of renovations to convert State Pier to a wind turbine assembly facility has gone over the initial $93 million projection, but the port authority being managed by Gov. Ned Lamont won't say by how much.

Toll me, please

Instead of displaying responsible fiscal leadership, Connecticut Republicans choose political gimmickry on tolls

A whodunit in a wealthy Mystic enclave

Someone stole a new sign on a residential street in Mystic marking where the public could hand-launch boats. Suspects would seem to include residents of nearby expensive houses.

Dear FOI commissioners, please make port authority comply

The Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission is scheduled to take up a recommended order requiring release of emails from the associate of Scott Bates hired as a $6,500-a-month media relations consultant.

Connecticut Port Authority board dined out on the public's dime

Years of records of debit card use by the Connecticut Port Authority's former executive director show lavish spending at expensive restaurants, including for entertaining the authority's own board and staffers.

Lamont gives New London another swift kick

A year has gone by since Gov. Lamont promised New London representation on the board of the port authority and has done nothing even though he could make appointments to replace members with expired terms.

Has Lamont twisted the port authority out of existence?

Port authority board vacancies, improper appointments and the lack of compliance with state law might make any action of the agency subject to legal challenge.

Gov. Lamont shamefully defies FOI laws

The governor has refused to supply copies of a signed memorandum starting talks for a $93 million remake of State Pier in New London and hasn't offered any reason why it would be exempt from FOI laws.

Norwich psychic, credited in 1979 missing person case, has died

Pat Gagliardo, the Norwich psychic who led police to the remains of a missing Coast Guard warrant officer found in his car at the bottom of the Thames River in New London, died this week.

David Kooris seems to lack legal authority to lead port authority

Kooris served on the port authority board by virtue of his state job, which he has left. He is not a political appointee with a set term.

Is lying to lawmakers OK in Connecticut?

Lies appeared to be part of the spectacle Wednesday at the Transportation Committee's hearing on the Connecticut Port Authority

Can lawmakers pry out port authority secrets at this week's hearing?

The Transportation Committee will have its work cut out at a Wednesday hearing meant to explore problems at the scandal-ridden port authority.

Attorney General Tong won't reveal whistleblower complaint

Not only will AG WIlliam Tong not release the complaint, but he won't talk about or describe it.

What will Scott Bates say?

Scott Bates of Stonington, the former chairman of the scandal-ridden Connecticut Port Authority, will have a lot to explain when he testifies Dec. 4 before the Transportation Committee.

Gov. Lamont, come clean on the stalled New London port deal

The excuse blaming the lawyers on the wording of the document is no longer credible.

Cross Sound Ferry flips out over wind assembly plans

Ferry company says an "installation vessel" that would be moored at State Pier would interfere with ferries arriving at and leaving terminals.

Coastal public access hiding in plain sight in a Mystic neighborhood

A street that provides access to the Mystic River is not marked as public access.

Mayor Passero fears gentrification?

The mayor might want to be more realistic about the state of the city, as he starts a new term.

Fishers Island's round house stands out, even in the land of unusual houses

An unusual round house on an oceanfront lot on the south side of Fishers Island is being restored, after standing empty for years.

Lamont's port authority hides the reasons for its huge legal bills

Legal bills provided in response to a Freedom of Information request are heavily redacted.

Trumpism surfaces in Connecticut municipal races

Tactics of umbrage, attacks and lies seem to be creeping into local Connecticut politics

Montville mayoral candidate dismisses alleged racist Facebook posts

Thomas McNally says questions about his Facebook posts are a "witch hunt."

Comptroller Lembo: Port authority may have misreported financials

The comptroller wrote to the port authority to say checkbook-level expenditures reported to his office in January as complete may not have been.

State has stonewalled lawsuit on Malloy Seaside decision for years

The developer who lost the chance to buy Seaside when Gov. Dannel Malloy tore up the sales contract has been waiting years for the state to give him permission to sue.

Selectman Prue opposed Stonington coastal resilience funding

The Republican candidate running for Stonington first selectman says he doesn't believe a town-commissioned study predicting ominous effects from rising sea levels.

I flunked the emissions test, and the DMV doesn't care

Strangely, the DMV renewed my registration, knowing the car flunked the emissions test.