New London spurns its downtown angel

Published: April 25, 2019 | David Collins

George Waterman, who has been investing and keeping the lights on in downtown New London for more than 30 years, is appalled the city would move City Hall workers out of the heart of the city.

Malloy's Seaside State Park debacle lands on Lamont's desk

Published: April 23, 2019 | David Collins

The bid process to find a developer for the Seaside buildings has stretched long past the original deadline of last summer, and the state won't discuss the search.

Simmons admits expediting demolition of 1840 Mystic house

The first selectman said he could have delayed the demolition in downtown Mystic even though the town doesn't have a delay ordinance, but chose not to.

Joe Biden should endorse Pete Buttigieg

The South Bend mayor is right. It's time for a new era in America.

Does the country need the Coast Guard Academy?

The military academies are attacked as unnecessary by some people who suggest officer candidate schools and ROTC programs produce officers just as qualified, at half the cost.

Prospective City Hall landlord is subject of police probe

Julian Enterprises is the subject of a police investigation into the dumping of hazardous materials, including PCBs, at a construction materials fill site it managed for the town of Fairfield.

Bill would make it easier to demolish historical New London buildings

Proposed legislation aimed at facilitating the demolition of two buildings in Willimantic would erode protections for historical buildings in three other distressed municipalities, including New London.

Will its new owners protect New London's Union Station?

The owner of the landmark downtown building, committed to its further restoration, died last month.

Save New London City Hall

Don't let the mayor suburbanize New London and move city government out of the downtown.

Plans for a $100 million State Pier project, filling in acres of dock space, are secret

The Connecticut Port Authority is refusing to disclose the documentation that is part of discussions about rebuilding New London port facilities to make them more accommodating to wind turbine assembly and less useful for other kinds of shipping.

If New London turned a corner while run by Passero, I missed it

New London Mayor Michael Passero says the city is "breaking out."

Why can't New London have a dog park, too?

A New London resident suggests that the city should catch up with surrounding towns and build a dog park.

When it's fun to see a police cruiser coming at you

An association of state police troopers keep a fleet of antique police cruisers on the road.

Voila: A fire exposes the best property in Fort Trumbull

The unveiling by fire of Bill Cornish's waterfront property brings his conflict as an RCDA board member into focus.

The demolition of historical buildings in Stonington continues

No one in Town Hall this week lifted a finger to stop the demolition of the 19th century mill on Mechanic Street that was an imporant contributing building to the Mechanic Street Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places.

Shame on New London for trying to hide blight records

The city spent much of March denying access to blight enforcement records.

MGM Springfield is no match for Mohegan Sun, Foxwoods

The tribal casinos in southeastern Connecticut are much more appealing destinations than MGM Springfield.

Legally buying pot 100 miles from New London

Varieties at the marijuana store in Northhampton, Mass., promise all kinds of highs, starting at $12 for a pre-rolled joint.

New London shouldn't abandon its downtown buildings

The city would be making a mistake to abandon any of the downtown office buildings it owns, to rent space.

What's wrong at the Coast Guard Academy?

A series of news stories have reported on unsettling complaints about a culture at the academy that seems to tolerate sexual harassment and racial discrimination.

The tale of two Mystics: Groton outshines Stonington

Groton is much more careful than Stonington in protecting the historic character of its side of Mystic.

What could be inside Lamont's secret casino plan?

The governor suggests the Indian tribes and MGM might be poised to come up with a deal to divide the state's gambling market.

Advice to GOP: Muzzle Stefanowski

The failed gubernatorial candidate has surfaced recently in television and radio interviews, complaining about the governor who beat him in 2018.

A plot to kill Sen. Blumenthal is not funny

President Trump and right-wing radio trumpeted the Jussie Smollett story and ignored news about a domestic terrorist allegedly planning to assassinate liberal Democrats.

Will New London Dems lose their safe 39th District seat?

The endorsed Democrat in the race didn't make a very strong case for himself in this week's debate.

Mystic car dealer builds ad contest around Trump's wall

Radio listeners are asked to register for invitations to a party at which a winner will be chosen to be put "over the wall" on a trip to Mexico.

Who will save the Mother Bailey House?

The City of Groton will be seeking a committed owner willing to restore and preserve the historic house.

They demolished historical Mystic buildings to put up a parking lot

Developer who tore down bulidings on Cottrell and Haley streets in downtown Mystic has plans to replace them with a new restaurant building and parking lot.

The rich of Fairfield County are safe with Gov. Lamont

Like his counterpart in New York, Gov. Ned Lamont is likely to avoid higher taxes on the rich for fear of driving them from the state.

Mirna Martinez could be New London's third-party voice in Hartford

Third parties have made cross-endorsements of Republicans and Democrats, but Martinez would blaze a new trail if elected representative for the 39th District.

A winter without snow?

With the sun higher in the sky, it looks like we might escape major snow this winter.

New London will lose a little of its soul with bank closing

When Citizens Bank closes its branch on Eugene O'Neill Drive in New London in April, it will end a long history of banking there that began with the riches of the whaling industry.

The building crisis on Bank Street

Many of the buildlings at the lower end of Bank Street are vacant and part of the roof of one has collapsed, with part of the facade and cornice at risk.

A caretaker, a will and legal motions from prison

The Mystic Museum of Art never used the house given to it by a longtime member as the home for visting artists he envisioned. It's now being sold.

Could southeastern Connecticut have the country's loosest slots?

If Connecticut let MGM build a casino in Bridgeport, the tribes could return more slot machine money from the reservations to gamblers, since they would no longer have to pay a share to the state.

President Pelosi? Will Trump defect? Where will the Connecticut GOP hide?

If a Mueller report concludes the Trump/Pence campaign illegally conspired with Russia to influence the 2016 election, couldn't that make both the president and vice president illegitimate officeholders?

Murder, suicide, fire and a crazy Mallory locked up at home in early Mystic

Helen Mary Clarke entertains and informs with her charming memoir, "An Account of My Life, 1915-1926."

AG's office goes easy on Connecticut Landmarks

AG's office did not censure Connecticut Landmarks for years of neglect of houses with endowments left to its care.

New London: Poor city, rich port

The Port Authority should be made to share some of the booty from the port of New London with the host city.

Boathouse Park planning turns to preservation

The state architectural historian says the town now is planning to save at least one of the existing buildings at the site of the proposed park on Greenmanville Avenue in the Rossie Velvet Mill Historic District.

Groton files lawsuit against Spicer Mansion

The town has filed a lawsuit in Superior Court seeking an injunction to enforce an August cease and desist order against Spicer Mansion it says has not been complied with.

Attorney general investigation of Connecticut Landmarks is finished

The office of Attorney General George Jepsen has been investigating how Connecticut Landmarks has treated bequests to the statewide preservation organization.

Let's lure Ocean Community YMCA's magic to the Norwich-New London corridor

The Ocean Community Y service area includes Montville, Waterford, Groton, Norwich and New London, and the nonprofit is prepared to look at establishing facilities in this part of the region.

Boathouse park committee OKs plan to demolish buildings without state approval

The state's Historic Preservation Office has yet to finish an assessment that is supposed to help the town find alternatives to demolition.

Making a list, checking it twice: A job for Dan Malloy, a new chairman for the GOP

This is the time to think about who has been naughty and who has not.

Time for honest talk about Boathouse Park

Stonington may have to change the park plans to save existing buildings and there is no estimate or promise of funds for the extensive environmental cleanup needed.

The Day is more than a newspaper

The newspaper's founder, the late Theodore Bodenwein, who gave his newspaper to the community, seemed to hover over a recent reunion of employees.

Why is Stonington allowing teens to use a polluted brownfield?

Two years after seeking a state grant to assess the pollution at the proposed Boathouse Park, First Selectman Rob Simmons can't answer questions about the contamination or say why high school students are being allowed to use the site.

Should state be in the business of helping pay for ferry engines?

The money from the state will go toward repowering a used ferry purchased recently by the New London ferry company.

Gov.-elect Lamont: Cut New London in on the wind windfall

The city deserves a share of the revenue paid to the state for the use of pier facilities in New London Harbor.

Can Stonington remove National Register buildings for Boathouse Park?

The state must review demolition plans for the buildings on the park site in Mystic, because state money is being spent, and could decide the buildings should remain.

Chris Johnson's life afloat: No mortgage, no rent, endless water views

Johnson's current home is a 47-foot motor yacht moored at the New London marina where he works.

Deep in Trump country, in the 18th Senate District

The town of Sterling had one of the most lopsided pro-Trump votes in the state in 2016.

Stonington officials stood by while historical buildings were bulldozed

The building official eliminated a rule requiring a 90-day waiting period for granting demolition permits the same day an application to tear down historic buildings in downtown Mystic was filed.

Are Trojan horses full of windmill parts destined for New London?

The city should get a cut of the revenue generated by an expanded State Pier

When I look at Connecticut Republicans, I see Trump

During campaign season, only optimism that's heard comes from Democratic candidates