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Remembering 'Hat' and Waterford's Babe Ruth dynasty

Published: May 20, 2020 | Lee Elci

Rewind your brain and return with me to a time when game lineups were made on the back of a Big Boy restaurant napkin and Coach's shirt pockets might display an Electric Boat ID badge.

Tying infant death to COVID-19 was needlessly alarmist

Governor Lamont so strongly tying the death of an infant to COVID-19, without an official cause of death, threatens to cause needless alarm, particularly for parents of newborns.

Bailout built on a mountain of debt. The avalanche will follow.

This recovery package might be well-intended and may will serve its purpose, but previous gluttonous misspending cycles have left all of us in an unenviable financial situation.

Income inequality has dried the tinder. Could virus be the spark?

The United States has danced for decades around the issue of expanding income inequality, inviting destiny to eventually fuel a violent eruption pitting the poor versus the rich.

Elci: 'Wuhan Flu' more accurately names virus and what it means

The coronavirus was unleashed on the world at a wet market in Wuhan, China. Giving the infection a friendlier/less-offensive (politically correct) intrusive moniker is a disservice

Mystic Aquarium should end beluga whale exhibit

Be fully aware that I consider myself a crazed animal enthusiast. I don't believe in zoos that place animals behind bars.

Want to keep subs? Stop attacking Trump and do your jobs

Connecticut's all-Democratic delegation has been going for Trump's throat in full throttled attack mode. Little wonder, then, that the state would come up short in Trump's budget plans.

Immigration bill a peek into future under Democratic control

House bill would gut immigration laws, enforcement and border control. It is dangerous.

Winning this 'gold' more cowardly than skillful

Democrats in Hartford have been working hard to cast an unpopular vote in a way that will cost them the least political damage. It is a sad sight to watch.

Are you entertained by President Trump?

No president previously has shown the audacity and/or brilliance to use the hallowed halls of Congress for his personal three-ring circus.

Maybe I’m too old for a politically correct, non-binary world

When I renew my license I will, for the first time, be able to choose whether I am male, female or non-binary. This is a leap into the abyss of political correctness.

Police unit targeting right-wing extremists a dangerous step

To organize a group of law enforcement professionals focused only on right-wing activists sends a clear message from the state that certain politics will no longer be tolerated.

Those legally voting should know the English language

If it is a mandatory for aspiring United States citizens to speak and understand the English language, why is Groton – or any city in the state — printing voting ballots in multiple languages?

Fighting the good fight against tolls

Within the past year, Gov. Ned Lamont has moved the goal post no less than half a dozen times, from the beginning trying to manipulate a money-grab using toll gantries.

Trump acted boldly while our senators dithered and cackled

When the United States is in the beginning stages of undertaking military operations against a foreign nation, partisanship and posturing border on the edge of treason.

In 30 seconds of real time in America

Two totally opposing political ideologies, perfectly timed and coming together for a brief moment on the date of the birth of the baby Jesus.

Before enacting tolls, Lamont should meet voters, await lawsuit

Lamont had recently suggested that truck operators wouldn't necessarily pass along the cost of the tolls to consumers. Questioned, he backed off.

214'ers roll to victory over Frogs; it's mascot mayhem

Go ahead and try to change a mascot name that offends you, but just know that things may soon reach the point of farce.

The heavy toll Democratic 'victories' are taking on the state

Within 10 years, baked-in wage increases will make it nearly impossible for entrepreneurs to begin new ventures.

Would you save dog that killed woman?

The story of Dexter's fatal attack on 95-year-old Janet D'Aleo sparks debate.