Americans need to heed climate change

Published: October 2, 2019 | Lee Elci

There is an opportunity for a truly gifted statesman to finally bring us all together, as the idea of clean air, clean water and a healthy ecosystem shouldn't be owned by Democrats.

A better plan for family and medical leave

A federal program could permit borrowing days against your future Social Security entitlement.

Deeply disappointed by Connecticut DEEP

If it's my job to rescue injured or sick animals, why are my tax dollars going to the DEEP? What exactly does the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection do?

Connecticut Democrats again prepare to hit us with higher taxes

How about if the state helps the feds enforce illegal immigration laws and ends all sanctuary city policies, in the process creating substantial state savings?

Either simplify federal tax or cue Godzilla

I never get a refund. Each year I hold my breath, do my taxes, and then inevitably rumble around the house for the next 48 hours slamming doors, kicking furniture and muttering the ugliest of obscenities.