A better plan for family and medical leave

Published: June 5, 2019 | Lee Elci

A federal program could permit borrowing days against your future Social Security entitlement.

Connecticut Democrats again prepare to hit us with higher taxes

How about if the state helps the feds enforce illegal immigration laws and ends all sanctuary city policies, in the process creating substantial state savings?

Either simplify federal tax or cue Godzilla

I never get a refund. Each year I hold my breath, do my taxes, and then inevitably rumble around the house for the next 48 hours slamming doors, kicking furniture and muttering the ugliest of obscenities.

So what's the problem? You can't handle ideas you don't like?

The Day shouldn't be criticized for adding a new perspective; they should be cheered.

Cut student-athletes in on riches being made

The NCAA reeks of socialism. Let the market decide worth. Implement a fully transparent free market capitalist system

Does Connecticut really want a 'Liberal Utopia' future?

Honestly, is this the plan for the Constitution State — government-inflated pay, pot sales, sports betting, tolls, paid leave policies that invite abuse, the end of neighborhood schools?

Protecting the kids from access to everything

There must be some protective layer we can construct so that today's youth will have limited — if not zero — ability to watch content they are just not ready to process.

Too many questions surround toll initiative

We deserve a detailed plan. The idea that they want our money but will let us know later how it’ll be used, is unacceptable.

Tolls then, tolls now; still hate them

Why do I hate tolls? Let me count the ways.

State Republicans would be foolish to get fingerprints on budget -- again

Instead of having ample ammo to attack the sitting Democrats in the 2018 election, saying they had tried to pass a responsible budget but the governor shot it down, the GOP candidates were forced to share responsibility concerning the state’s fiscal woes.

Demand truth from those we elect

Governor Ned Lamont's flip-flop on tolling cars is just the latest example of a politician lying to benefit his own political prospects.

Women in white will never give Trump credit

It wasn't until President Trump pointed out the huge gains for women in the workforce and in Congress did the women in white finally stand up and cheer.

Ned 'Mr. Rogers' Lamont will fleece your neighborhood

This wholesome sounding, forever optimistic, friendly neighbor of a governor is remindful of Mr. Rogers, but he is on a nasty mission to extract tax dollars from your wallet.

Getting serious about stopping illegal immigration

Spend money to hire more enforcement agents and judges, improve physical barriers on the border, provide a path to legal status for those now here but show no tolerance towards those who remain illegally.

Eager to attack Trump supporters, media got it wrong

The left loves to use the phrase “dog whistle.” The leftist news media used its own dog whistle to effectively generate vicious attacks on a group of high school kids.

We need a wall for Americans' safety

We have less than adequate immigration security. Our airports, train stations, ports and borders both north and south need a complete overhaul.

Protect the border, focus on the needs of Americans, particularly veterans

How can we afford to allow in millions of illegals and figure out a way to pay for their needs knowing we have tens of thousands of homeless veterans sleeping under bridges and in tent cities?

Libertarian leanings, dog-loving heart

If lifestyle choices cause you to get addicted to pain killers, heroin, pot, booze, cigarettes or, even worse, result in disease, please don’t look to my society or my tax dollars to save you.