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A review of police use-of-force policies and complaints in southeastern Connecticut

The region's police departments vary in size and structure, and the communities they serve range from rural to urban. Some of the departments have civilian review boards or police commissions. Shootings and other deadly use of force are rare and are investigated by outside agencies and prosecutors.

From the pandemic to BLM, Lauren Gee stood for the afflicted

She has been at the forefront of the pandemic as a funeral director, and of the Black Lives Matter movement, driving a hearse with the name of Black victims of police brutality.

Make a Difference: Care & Share

Make a Difference: Care & Share

In New London, houses of worship have long history of activism

These faith communities represent the diversity of the city and their volunteers support causes ranging from combating homelessness and food insecurity to assisting the formerly incarcerated with re-entry into community life.

Six feet apart and 14 days alone

When we tell the story of 2020, we do so in language rarely used previously: pandemic, distance learning, self-quarantine, WFH, social distancing, curbside pickup, Zoom.

Connecticut, we hardly knew ye — till now

State tourism office, promoting 'staycations,' begins airing TV commercials, including one focusing on eastern Connecticut.

Those We Lost: At 79, he'd just finished rebuilding his boat engine when he tested positive for COVID-19. Then he died.

"At first, he thought 'I’m healthy. I’m busy. I’ll be fine.' Little by little, it started wearing him down more and more,” Mary-Lou Brockett Devine said of her father, Paul who died recently from COVID-19.

The Connecticut Hiking Guide

Nothing beats a good day in the woods. To showcase all that Connecticut and nearby Rhode Island have to offer the outdoor enthusiast, The Day has created this online hiking guide. Looking for a quick romp? A challenging hike? A hidden gem? There's something here for everyone, and trails offer a variety of woodland, river, marsh and shoreline scenery.


From rum-runners to atomic submarines: Back in The Day

From rum-runners to atomic submarines: Back in The Day

A collection of articles and features devoted to the region's rich and varied history.



Someone should explain what a deal is to Gov. Lamont

Instead of making a deal with the Mashantuket Pequots, the governor insulted them, forging ahead...