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Spirit of the City

In New London, houses of worship have long history of activism

In New London, houses of worship have long history of activism

These faith communities represent the diversity of the city and their volunteers support causes ranging from combating homelessness and food insecurity to assisting the formerly incarcerated with re-entry into community life.

GALLERIES: Spirit of the City

Church of the City uses contemporary worship, messaging to reach those in need

In a bank-turned-sanctuary with no pews or altar, nor a single stained-glass window in sight, a full band complete with guitar, drums and a bass plays Christian music to a beat that sounds closer to a rock concert than a church hymn.

'Welcome the stranger': St. Mary's star guides immigrants, refugees

While parishioners assist those facing housing insecurity in the community, serving immigrants and refugees remains one of the parish's prime tasks.

St. Sophia serves food, culture and fellowship

Members' support extends beyond shared worship at the ornate and beautiful church. It means providing meals and volunteer labor for meal centers in the city, and donating to causes important to the Greek Orthodox community.

Small but diverse Mt. Olive church is among those breaking down barriers

Many faith communities, including those in New London, remain fairly homogeneous along racial and ethnic lines. But the 35-member Mt. Olive Seventh-Day Adventist Church is different.

New London's Jewish community places hope in youth

While Congregation Beth-El is much diminished, the Jewish community in the city — knit together by a history of oppression and a shared culture — still includes numerous city business and civic leaders.