Dr. I's been thinking about LL parents, '87 Lakers and 'Free Guillermo'

Idle Thoughts, while waiting for the NBA Draft, Matt Harvey to return from the disabled list and for our state to feign interest in golf as it will this week at the Travelers:

• Dr. Idle, Dr. I to his close friends, would like to issue his annual P.G.T.L.L.W. (Parental Guide to Little League Watching) as all-star season creeps closer:

Remember: It's Little League, so nobody else really cares.

Your kid's playing time is no more or less significant than anyone else's.

The coach isn't trying to lose.

Make sure to get the kids ice cream after every game.

Remember: It's Little League so nobody else really cares.

• A big sah-loot, as they used to say from the corn field on Hee Haw, to Tommy Thompson and the rest of the gang at New London High for celebrating graduation in the rain the other night.

Not like all those soft suburbanites who went indoors.

It's just rain, people.

You know. Why God made the umbrella.

This is why they're tougher in the 06320.

• Dr. I's pal Jeff Clemens (he once called Dr. I "the round mound of pronoun") wants to know why Dr. I has been conspicuously quiet about the Yankees so far.

Easy: Not even halfway through the season. Loooooooog way to go. And a pitching staff Dr. I trusts less than he trusts this guy Trump.

• A shout out to Ms. Kathy, who is the teacher of Little I, Dr. I's 6-year-old son.

Ms. Kathy was quick to point out that Dr. I's shirt was on inside out at drop off time the other day.

(No, really).

• Dr. I was wondering recently what would happen if everyone else named "Willie" did what former Detroit Tigers reliever Willie Hernandez did one year.

Willie told the media he wanted to be referred to as "Guillermo" instead of Willie from now on.

We'd have cartoon character "Chilly Guillermo," the movie about the whale "Free Guillermo," the 1970s song "Little Guillermo, Guillermo won't go home (but you can't push Guillermo 'round Guillermo won't go"), Guillermo Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and famous country singer Guillermo Nelson.

(Now you know what Dr. I does when he can't sleep.)

• OK. And this is coming from a Celtics guy here.

But Dr. I keeps hearing from some media dweebs that the Warriors of 2017 are the greatest team ever.

Uh, no.

Answer Dr. I this one: Who on the 2017 Warriors would guard Magic, Kareem and Worthy on the '87 Lakers?

What, you think Magic wouldn't drop 40 on Curry?

Somebody named Zaza would check Kareem?


• Note to the Connecticut Sun:

Basketball game, not a concert.

The music is too loud in the arena.


• Notre Dame football at Boston College, Sept. 16.

Just sayin.'

• Today's inspirational quote: "I don't know a single successful person who leaves their shopping cart in the middle of a parking lot."

• Congrats to Dr. I cabinet member Susan Lessard, the brand new principal at Stanton Elementary School in Norwich.

Dr. I and Susan used to make fun of Andy Dousis during East Lyme High football games (Sue kept stats).

And now she's The Boss.

Great hire.

• According to the proposed CIAC boys' basketball state tournament format for next year, Tolland (about 400 boys) would occupy the same division as Southington (about 1,000 boys).

Are there people in these rooms who go, "that's a great idea!"

• Mad props to our guy Major Roman, the Yale-bound New London High grad, who was a graduation speaker at the middle school the other day.

You go, Major.

• Finally, a shout out to all teachers.

Happy summer vacation.

You deserve the break.

Dr. I is in and out of many schools in the region throughout the school year and sees what you endure.

Feet up, cocktail with an umbrella sticking out of it ... and enjoy.

This is the opinion of Day sports columnist Mike DiMauro


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