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Dr. I: In the Department of Redundancy Department ...

(A coronavirus edition of) Idle Thoughts, while waiting for baseball, football, basketball, hockey, soccer, archery, boxing, horse racing, curling, lacrosse, tennis, track, field, wrestling, swimming, volleyball, sailing, skating, skiing, rowing, badminton, cycling, equestrian and squash (the game with the racket, not butternut) ...

• Dr. Idle, Dr. I to his close friends, would like to join the chorus and salute all doctors, nurses, medical technicians, healthcare office staff, grocery store workers and all the other folks on the frontlines for the work they do.

In their honor, Dr. I vows to never use the word "hero "or "heroic" again about an athlete and his or her contribution to a sporting event. We're seeing the true heroes and heroines now. And if Dr. I ever lapses, all readers are invited to call him out and use bad language if necessary.

• From reader Bob Costello:

"The luckiest team in baseball? The Baltimore Orioles. You can't lose 100 games if you don't play 100 games."

Also from Bob: "

PA announcer, first week baseball resumes: 'Good afternoon ... you, you, you, and you.'"

(No reason we can't have a few yucks, right? Good work Bob!)

• Note to CBS: Booooooooooooooooo.

Why are we getting rid of Dan Fouts? He was informative and entertaining doing the NFL with the great Ian Eagle. We want him back. So get on this.

• OK. Dr. I must register a complaint in the Department of Redundancy Department.

Why is it the "coronavirus pandemic?"

Why can't we just say "coronavirus?" Isn't the "pandemic" part, you know, understood?

It's like when football coaches go, "on the defensive side of the football." Or as it's more commonly known: defense.

• Dr. I's newfound idle time (idle time for Idle Thoughts, perhaps) has allowed him to reacquaint with the NBA of the 1980s. Let Dr. I say this: The '83 Sixers, '86 Celtics and '87 Lakers would have wiped the floor with any of these Bulls teams we're going to see in the documentary Sunday night on ESPN. So there.

• Sorry. Megan Walker needed another year at UConn.

Remember: She shot 5-for-20 against Baylor and 3-for-16 against Oregon this year. Baylor and Oregon are closer to WNBA competition and athleticism than East Carolina and Tulsa.

• Mad props and bon mots to NFA for the keeping the football field lights on at 20:20 (20 after 8) for 20 minutes each night to honor the class of 2020. Sort of gets Dr. I a little verklempt, as Linda Richman said on "Coffee Talk," only Saturday Night Live's best skit ever.

• And in this week's rendition of "So who is Mike Buscetto helping now?" we present Sunday's upcoming performance:

Mike, in conjunction with Shipman's, will be giving 100 dinners to Waterford Fire and EMS workers from noon-4. Pasta, meatballs and an adult beverage. Curbside delivery in the Filomena's parking lot.

The guy has been an absolute cleanup hitter in the community during this pandemic.

• OK. So Dr. I used to vacation in Vegas in the middle of the summer. Highlight: The day Lee Elci (yes, the king of radio around here) noticed the box man at the craps table was named Charlie Daniels ... and immediately began singing "The Devil Went Down To Georgia."

Anyhoo, it was 108 degrees every day. (And if you say it's a "dry heat," Dr. I will lose his sunny disposition).

This Major League Baseball plan to play all over Arizona this summer?

It'll be 108 there, too. Next idea.

• Now this guy Gettleman is talking about the Giants trading down in this week's draft.

Note: Just get Dr. I 11 new defensive players and call it a day, OK?

• Whenever we can play baseball again, we need to organize an East Lyme-Waterford game. Dr. I was looking forward to a sunny day with URI-bound Tristan Levesque (East Lyme) vs. Hartford-bound Jared Burrows (Waterford).

Over-under for length of game: 1 hour, 3 minutes.

• It's been a few days since we heard the latest whim from Tom Brady.

Let's shoot for a few more.

• Is there a virtual baseball game we can play where Aroldis Chapman — um, how to put this delicately — moves Jose Altuve off the plate?

• Kudos to NBA commissioner Adam Silver, who refused to put a timetable on the NBA's return during an interview late last week.

Silver yielded to the best interests of public health before there is basketball again.

Other leaders (cough, cough) might want to follow his lead.

Or just keep pointing fingers.

Because that's incredibly helpful.

This is the opinion of Day sports columnist Mike DiMauro


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