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Dr. I: The greatest loss in New London sports history

Idle Thoughts, while waiting for high school football, college football, pro football, football pregame shows, football postgame shows ... and for the Olympics to end:

• Dr. Idle, Dr. I to his close friends, hasn't gone off the rails when he says losing in the New England Babe Ruth 15 finals the other day is the greatest loss in New London sports history.

What, you say?

Try this: Dr. I spoke to old friend Mike Buswell, the coach of the Trumbull team that beat New London last week. He estimates the trip to that garden spot known as Eagle Pass, Texas to the World Series, even after the — how to put this delicately — modest stipend from Babe Ruth, will cost Trumbull somewhere between $40,000-$50,000.

Where would we get that kind of money, really?

Buswell said the cheapest flights for 15 players and two coaches are $700 apiece. That's nearly $12,000, not including flights for other family members, hotels, rental cars and food for a week.

Trumbull has a gofundme page ( if anyone around here would like to contribute. Buswell felt the pain of the Waterford team that went to Ottumwa, Iowa for a World Series a few years ago and got extorted with absurdly priced hotel rooms.

New London won a state championship, went 4-1 in a regional and just saved 50 grand. Seems the better end of the deal in a way.

• Dr. I doesn't always articulate why he hates the Olympics. Too many reasons, perhaps. So he'll leave it to reader Wayne Gilpin, who wrote, "the next announcer that uses the term 'G.O.A.T.' gets tazed. Every athlete this year is not the "greatest of all time." Ever hear of Johnny Weissmuller? Jim Thorpe? Olga Korbut? Muhammad Ali? I'm done. Deep breaths. Time to take more, or fewer, meds."

Right there with you, Wayne.

• When Dr. I becomes Czar of New London — and the momentum is building within the constituency — his first edict will be to outlaw bike riding on Pequot Ave.

It was too narrow and too busy even before On The Waterfront built the greatest thing in city history: the awesomely awesome new back deck. But now? No bueno. Bikes are a hazard. Hence: The Czar will dispense all bikes to nice, wide, spacious Montauk Ave. so The Czar can drive his car without fear of committing vehicular manslaughter.

• Red Sox Twitter is gloriously entertaining. Last week, we got "Rafael Devers has a better upside than David Ortiz" and "Mookie Betts is overrated." Can't wait for "Jarren Duran is better than Fred Lynn."

• Just thinking out loud here, but do you think Derek Jeter knew what he was doing trading that limber, nimble Giancarlo Stanton guy to the Yankees?

• Note to Anthony Rizzo: Congrats on winning with the Cubs, but it doesn't count until you win with the Yankees.

• Dr. I saw Kris Dunn wearing a "Rondo" jersey many times around New London High. Now he gets to be Rondo. Pretty cool. Welcome home.

• Social media last week asked "what's your worst sports take of all time?"

Dr. I: "The Red Sox have no chance to hit Kevin Brown tonight."

That was an October afternoon in 2004.

Now for another offering: Danny Dimes will have more TD passes than Dak Prescott this year. So there.

• Yes, that was Dr. I favorite Thomas Sutera who struck out Luis Robert of the Chicago White Sox the other night. Sutera, a Waterford grad, is pitching for the Class A Jersey Shore Blue Claws in the Phillies organization. Robert is on injury rehab.

• Great to see Mad Dog Russo's nomination for the Radio Hall of Fame.

No brainer. Still the best sports talk show host going.

This is the opinion of Day sports columnist Mike DiMauro


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