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    Karen Florin
    Saturday, December 02, 2023

    DAY NEWSROOM: Managing Editor

    Karen Florin

    Managing Editor

    Phone: (860) 701-4217

    Karen Florin


    By Karen Florin

    Rhonda Stearley-Hebert, honored by the Connecticut Foundation for Open Government for shining light on the inner workings of the state’s court system, did not go over to the “dark side,” as some do when they leave journalism for public relations.
    Hardcore history and genealogy researchers discovered quickly that The Day’s entire archive, dating back to 1881, became available online recently through newspapers.com. We’re here to tell the rest of you what it’s about.
    Let’s take a few moments to congratulate The Day’s newsroom team, our journalism partners and the community that supports our crucial work.
    Today, we salute champions of open government, including State Sen. Cathy Osten, D-Sprague, a local news junkie and advocate for transparency.
    We don't claim to work harder than those in other professions, but here’s a glimpse of how our staff hustled during a few hours in the newsroom this past week.
    Readers selected an intriguing topic for the next round of CuriousCT. And we’re pleased to introduce our newest staff writer.
    The Day newsroom is following the weather but don’t worry, we’ve also been attending to the so-called “hard news” stories too.
    We are delighted to introduce John Penney as the new reporter covering The Day’s home city of New London.
    During the three-month investigation by Stonington Police, the public kept the pressure on and The Day remained committed to holding the police and courts accountable.
    You wondered about everything from truck tolls to a 50-year-old New London mystery and a place out of history we’d never heard of, called “Fort Nonsense.” Now it’s time to vote.