Good for the Gander?

Former UConn star Kelly Faris waits for Connecticut Sun center Tina Charles to finish her Media Day interview Tuesday, May 7, 2013 at Mohegan Sun Arena.

It's not often that the camera turns on me. Or at least it's not often that it turns on me and then gets published.

After getting the photo on the right, of former UConn star Kelly Faris waiting for fellow UConn alumna Tina Charles to finish and interview, I was chastised, in a friendly manner, by Hartford Courant photojournalist Cloe Poisson for "ruining" her photo.

Perhaps it was payback of a sort that I spied myself in the Courant's photo gallery.

Or maybe, since it was media day for the Connecticut Sun, perhaps a photo of a member of the media working the event was entirely appropriate?

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