Groton must settle development plan

The writers of two letters made good points concerning a proposed ordinance in Groton to install water and sewer services from Route 1, north along Flanders Road ("Stopping Flanders Road plan would be mistake," Aug. 29 and "Flanders Road fails test of return on investment," Sept. 6).

What wasn't indicated however, is the reason for performing this work: to get services to land north of I-95 zoned industrial.

Some time ago, Groton commissioned a report that offered several options to get the services to this area, which is actively marketed by The Economic Development Commission. The land is currently being developed and contains many existing commercial activities.

This isn't the first attempt to do this. A few years ago one of the proposals involved using a connector road to Flanders Road from Route 117. It was defeated. The current plan makes no sense. The proposal ends the services right at the south edge of I-95, 300 yards short of where it needs to go, the north side.

Groton should either develop and implement a proper plan to provide these services, or change the zoning and stop wasting money promoting an industrial area in name only.

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