Memorial recalls toll of local homelessness

In the longest night of the year, people will once again gather to remember the homeless of New London who have passed from this realm, often before their time was fully accounted. This annual memorial will be held at 6 p.m. Saturday at All Souls Church, 19 Jay St.

This is a chance to reflect on lives marked by all measures of hardship, offering a poignant moment of closure within the open wound that marks the nation's conscience. The causes of homelessness have been clear and well known for a generation, the effects counted in lost health and time, measured in lives cast out and cut short. This memorial will afford the chance to remember and then to move forward with the work and challenges of ending homelessness.

Memorials are held each year across America on the Winter Solstice, the day marked by the long darkness of winter's rising. Yet the darkest day also marks the beginning of light's return, as the days ahead grow longer and brighter even as the cold and storms of winter linger on. On such transitions hope is borne and efforts renew to resolve old problems in need of new answers.

All are welcome. A reading of the names of those who died will keep them in our presence. For more information about the memorial call: 860-439-1573.

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