Lady Gaga hits Mohegan Sun

Third time's the charm? Could be.

Lady Gaga fans have not had good luck with the singer's previous concerts scheduled for Mohegan Sun. She nixed a 2010 gig after passing out at a show, apparently due to exhaustion and dehydration. She canceled a 2013 performance at the Sun, along with the rest of her tour, because of an injured hip that required surgery.

But don't give up, little monsters!

The diva will bring her latest tour, which just started Sunday, to the Sun Arena on Saturday. Here are two notes gleaned from tour reports so far:

1. Gaga pours lots of new material into the show, culling lots of songs from her "ARTPOP" album. She doesn't, though, skimp on past hit singles, reaching back to "Poker Face"/"Paparazzi" era.

2. Gaga wears lots of kooky costumes. Whoops, should that have come with a spoiler alert? She springs octopus tentacles from one dress. She goes all day-glo in an ensemble with fuzzy boots and what looks like artfully arranged mops as a pig-tailed wig. But the biggest headlines online were about what she didn't wear: she changes outfits onstage at one point, stripping down to a G-string and pasties.


Lady Gaga, 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Mohegan Sun Arena; with Hatsune Miku; $59-$195;


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