Elitist garden will do nothing for Groton

What is wrong with the people on the Groton Town Council? Perhaps, I should ask what's right about them. They have lost it completely when they think using an abandoned school property for a community garden is the right thing to do with it. This is not the inner city. People have land for personal gardening here. How is this an investment in the economic life of the town? What revenue will this bring in, especially during the fall, spring, and winter? Let's get real and stop idealizing what we want life to be and deal with what life is functionally.

Whatever spell the town councilors are under, they need to share it with the rest of us so that we can be irresponsible, as well, and still sleep at night.

A councilor has gone on record stating that a "heroic job has been done," whatever that means. Heros save lives and fight injustice, they do not frivolously deplete a potential tax base of a struggling community. This is a personal and elitist project for certain individuals who reside near the water, not for the good of the entire community.

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