Catala should have been New London school board president

The newly seated New London Board of Education made its first mistake.

On Dec. 4, I witnessed an embarrassing situation. The new board slighted the highest vote getter. Jason Catala received the most votes over the past two elections. It was his turn to be the board’s president. There was an absent board member who could not even hear what was going on and was casting votes. I will keep this meeting in my memory come two years from now when some of the seven members are seeking re-election. I anticipate Catala will be running again.

Of the current board, five members are new. Catala, the senior member with 14 years of elected service will work hard for our youth and be sure transparency happens. I know I will be supporting Susan Tierney and Catala. Tierney was the only one who had the integrity to nominate Catala from the floor at the meeting. She didn’t back down to the petty politics being played. What’s right is right and what happened on Dec. 4 was wrong.

I encourage the citizens to pay close attention to this Board of Education. I would stay on top of how the superintendent search goes. The voters appreciate you, Jason Catala.

Gina Carter

New London

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