At Niantic's Black Sheep, stick with traditional fare

At Niantic's Black Sheep Irish pub, where they mix old favorites with more ambitious fare, our reviewer recommends sticking with traditional fare.

Food Tip: Mezza Mediterranean Grill

You’ve probably heard about Mystic’s Middle Eastern eatery, The Pita Place, recently renamed Mezza Mediterranean Grill. I ventured over there Saturday night, with the craving for falafel and hummus, both personal favorites that I haven’t had a chance to eat, well, since I was...

Too much?

Let’s just say this is not what most people think of when you say ‘kegger’

Here’s how to make 30-minute salmon

Slow Baked Salmon with Mustard Greens. (Jessica J. Trevino/Detroit Free Press/TNS)

When I first made this recipe from our archives, I immediately tucked it away in my impressive dinner file. For starters, I am a huge salmon fan. I love it for its taste, because it’s versatile, and it’s considered a healthy fat. And this recipe looked so good and so pretty.





Rick's List -- New and Improved Black Friday Edition

As I write this, it's early Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, and a look out the newsroom window reminds me of Frost's beautifully melancholic lines about November: "My Sorrow / When she's here with me / Thinks these dark days of...

Let's face it: People are slobs

All right, not all people are slobs, probably not even most folks — but there are enough dirtballs who think nothing of flinging trash out their car windows that so many roadways look like garbage dumps.