Longtime favorite Charlie's Place has added greatness with new chef

With the addition of executive chef/pitmaster Pete Daversa, the reliable and large menu at Charlie's Place in Niantic got even bigger. And head's up: it includes some great barbecue.

Some new tunes on the menu at Old Lyme Inn

It looks like the jazz from next door has infused the menu at the Old Lyme Inn. Not only does the historic inn now offer Mid-Week Medleys — specials that don’t go over $15 — but the medleys come with a side of piano music every Wednesday.

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Reviews of Swad Tandoori, Himalaya Cafe, and Penny Lane Pub

Swad Tandoori: It's like an old friend back in New London

Swad Tandoori is open in the New London space once occupied by Northern India, and, with some of the same staff, brings reliable Indian cuisine back to town.

Penny Lane: hearty, well-made meals at an unassuming pub

While fanfare is often reserved for the chic, here-today-gone-tomorrow restaurants that serve "transparent ravioli," "modernist foams," and "multi-sensory" air crisps, there's truly nothing better than a hearty, well-made meal at an unassuming, classic pub.

Reach new heights of flavor at Himalaya Cafe

Recent trips to Himalaya Café in Old Saybrook have taught me a few things: paneer is excellent when it’s grilled; falooda is a very interesting Indian dessert; and very, very nice and talented people are in charge of the place.

Recent dining reviews by Day critics

Excerpts from recent restaurant reviews by our food writers.

Enjoy breakfast and lunch at Westerly's scenic B&B Dockside

Hard to the Pawcatuck River, B&B Dockside offers convivial lunch and breakfast and a damned nice view.

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