The Pawcatuck Coin Club: Members recount their passion

Russell Young, of Preston, uses a magnifier to get a closer look at a civil war token during a meeting of the Pawcatuck Valley Coin Club on Sept. 20 at Stonington Arms. (Sarah Gordon/The Day)

On a recent September night, in the small community room of the Stonington Arms apartment complex, coin club members haul in glass cases filled with coins from centuries past. And as if the glass cases weren’t enough, each coin is carefully cased enveloped in its own wrapping of cellophane...

Harvey Weinstein' stunning downfall and Hollywood's sexist culture

One might say it’s among the most stunning falls from grace Hollywood has ever seen, but the word “grace” has rarely been used where Harvey Weinstein is concerned.

Cara Delevingne accuses Weinstein of harassment

The Latest: Model and actress Cara Delevingne accuses Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment at business meetings

Book tip: Norwegian cop Harry Hole keeps getting better

Jo Nesbo's series starring Harry Hole continutes to soar




Fagin's Useless Gadget List

A large, dead birch I was cutting down with a chain saw the other day had been leaning toward a clearing where I wanted it to fall, but I failed to notice a gnarly bittersweet vine that coiled around the upper branches. So instead of toppling...