Dad deserves these gifts for coffee, cleaning, grilling and watching

Dad’s day is nigh. As one of the species, I’m recommending gifts that can make your man happy by appealing to his belly or entrancing him with tech magic. Open, sez me: Take the automated charms of the ShedRain e-Motion, billed by its designers as “the biggest...

Book tip: Ian McGuire's "The North Water" is a vile, dark masterpiece

Book tip The North Water, Ian McGuire Here's how I see the thought process evolving as British author Ian McGuire wrote his 2016 novel "The North Water," which was long-listed for a Booker Prize and was a finalist for the Los Angeles Book Award. "Let's see," McGuire mused, "I'll...

Returning to the Smokies 6 months after a deadly wildfire

For the millions who grew up vacationing in the Smoky Mountains, will it be the same six months after a deadly wildfire?

No to highlighters, yes to flash cards: new book explores science of learning

By the time he was in fourth grade, Ulrich Boser had been labeled a slow learner. He’d already repeated kindergarten, and a psychologist sent to observe him in a classroom described him as a frustrated, inattentive and distracted 11-year-old. In hindsight, Boser now knows that he...




The perfect paddle: Kayaking around Fishers Island

Having kayaked over the years on virtually all major rivers and in sections of every state in the Northeast I’ve elevated several waterways to five-star status, including The St. John River, Rangeley Lakes and Muscongus Bay in Maine; Lake...