Lottery numbers -- Dec. 7, 2016


Lotteries for Dec. 6, 2016

ROCKY HILL, Conn. (AP) -- These Connecticut lotteries were drawn Tuesday:  Cash 5 02-12-20-29-33 Lotto 01-03-16-18-20-40 Lucky Links Day 01-03-04-07-10-11-18-19 Lucky Links Night 01-04-06-08-14-18-20-21 Mega...

Lottery numbers -- Dec. 5, 2016

MONDAY'S NUMBERS Connecticut: Play 3 Day: 832. Play 4 Day: 5342. Play 3 Night: 081. Play 4 Night: 2648. Cash 5: 4-5-22-30-35. Lucky-4-Life: 9-10-17-44-47. Lucky Ball 15. Lucky Links Day: 1-6-10-11-12-17-18-21. Lucky Links Night: 4-6-8-12-14-16-18-20.

Lotteries for Dec. 4, 2016

ROCKY HILL, Conn. (AP) -- These Connecticut lotteries were drawn Sunday:  Cash 5 03-08-09-23-28 Lucky Links Day 05-06-12-13-16-18-19-20 Lucky Links Night 03-04-05-07-08-11-12-20 Play3 Day 7-8-1 Play3 Night 1-5-2 Play4...

Lotteries for Dec. 3, 2016

ROCKY HILL, Conn. (AP) -- These Connecticut lotteries were drawn Saturday:  Cash 5 02-10-11-29-33 Lucky Links Day 04-07-09-12-14-15-18-20 Lucky Links Night 01-02-04-05-07-09-13-18 Play3 Day 2-9-7 Play3 Night 2-0-5 Play4...




The history of the purple finch

I recently did a double-take glancing at my fly-through feeder. Mixed in with the usual visitors was what appeared to be a house finch, but upon closer examination, it turned out to be the less common purple finch. It was a pleasant surprise that...

Rick's List - Hallmark Holiday Movies II Edition

Scribe updates a 2015 column for modern times




Girlfriend seeks the best way to nudge boy out of dad's bed

DEAR ABBY: Todd is a great kid, but he has a genetic disorder and still often wets his bed.

Husband's multiple affairs leave wife in legal limbo

DEAR ABBY: My husband of five years has confessed to affairs that resulted in two children.

Knitted breast prosthesis are made with tender loving care

DEAR ABBY: You would be doing millions of women a great service by telling them about Knitted Knockers Support Foundation.

Mom stressed by one child should not try for another

DEAR ABBY: My daughter asked me if she should have another child, and based on what I have observed with her first, I definitely feel she shouldn't.

Man's dream of togetherness ends in long family feud

DEAR ABBY: I am a happily married man with one problem that doesn't go away.

Teen's pursuit of crush could do more harm than good

DEAR ABBY: I am 14 and a freshman in high school. I'm not allowed to date (my mother's rule), but I really like a boy.

Man drains family savings to fund failing enterprise

DEAR ABBY: My husband of 23 years, "Gerald," quit his job to start his own law firm. He told me about it only after he had quit.


Your Stars — Dec. 8

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Personal improvements will make you feel and look good.