Lotteries for Nov. 28, 2015

SATURDAY’S NUMBERS Connecticut: Play 3 Day: 747. Play 4 Day: 2433. Play 3 Night: 559. Play 4 Night: 2180. Cash 5: 9-12-16-18-35. Rhode Island: Daily: 3009. Massachusetts: Daily: 1570. Powerball: 2-6-47-66-67. Powerball:...

Lotteries for Nov. 27, 2015

FRIDAY’S NUMBERS Connecticut: Play 3 Day: 722. Play 4 Day: 9421. Play 3 Night: 722. Play 4 Night: 9251. Cash 5: 2-4-18-20-26. Classic Lotto: 11-17-20-25-27-35. Rhode Island: Daily: 8053. Massachusetts: Daily: 4807. Mega...

Lotteries for Nov. 26, 2015

THURSDAY’S NUMBERS Connecticut: Play 3 Day: 634. Play 4 Day: 6244. Play 3 Night: 840. Play 4 Night: 8210. Cash 5: 2-13-14-30-32. Lucky-4-Life: 3-29-33-37-40. Lucky Ball: 17. Rhode Island: Daily:...

Lottery numbers - Nov. 25, 2015


Lotteries for Nov. 24, 2015

TUESDAY’S NUMBERS Connecticut: Play 3 Day: 581. Play 4 Day: 9266. Play 3 Night: 570. Play 4 Night: 6626. Cash 5: 2-9-19-20-22. Classic Lotto: 9-17-25-29-32-44. Rhode Island: Daily: 9349. Massachusetts: Daily: 5308. Mega...




New Niantic cafe is a welcome presence in the village

Offering a simple but beautifully prepared menu, Niantic's Lillian's Cafe is a welcome culinary presence.


Time to talk turkey

Now that the holidays are upon us, I hear plenty of talk about eating turkey, but few of us are familiar with the wild cousin that sustained our forefathers on the first Thanksgiving feast.

Rick's List: Black Friday edition

Staff loon examines the evolution of holiday tradition



Upcoming concerts and shows

William Shatner — Feb. 6 at Foxwoods' Fox Theater; tickets on sale now; $45, $60

Drop-Kick Murphys — March 11 at Mohegan Sun Arena; tickets on sale at 10 a.m. Nov. 27; $31

Rihanna — March 26 at XL Center, Hartford; tickets on sale at 10 a.m. Dec. 3; $30.50-$126

Dancing with the Stars: Live — Jan. 9 at Mohegan Sun Arena; tickets on sale now; $45

Kansas — April 29 at Foxwoods' Fox Theater; tickets on sale now; $35, $45

JB Smoove — April 8 at Foxwoods' Fox Theater; tickets on sale now; $32






Threatened suicide paralyzes sibling who’s expected to help

DEAR ABBY: I have a sibling, “Bailey,” who suffers from panic attacks and anxiety disorder.

Neighbors make themselves at home at another castle

DEAR ABBY: I have a neighbor, “Mrs. Smith,” whom I see often in another neighbor’s yard, “the Joneses,” when they are not home.

Teen questions connection between sex and marriage

DEAR ABBY: I am 16 and a sophomore in high school.

Mom and sister join forces to dictate wedding party

DEAR ABBY: My mother and older sister are trying to spoil my happiness about my upcoming wedding.

Wife who yearns for husband’s support must rely on her own

DEAR ABBY: While I was nine months pregnant with my first child, I asked my husband what he would say if I had any problem during my delivery and he was asked to choose between me or the baby.

Jailed addict needs release from his low self-esteem

DEAR ABBY: I’m 23 years old and currently in the county jail.

Better mental health care may prevent future violence

DEAR ABBY: I have listened to our president and various candidates comment on gun control after the shooting at the college in Oregon.


Your stars - Nov. 29

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Positive actions will improve your surroundings and your emotional outlook.