A long first 100 days for Trump

The jarring advances and defeats of the 45th president's policy promises have gone beyond the usual trials and triumphs of a new administration. So much has almost but not quite happened that the journey to this day seems long.

State's budget crisis just got much worse

With tax revenues falling dramatically short of projections, Connecticut faces a fiscal crisis balancing this year's budget and producing a spending plan for the next two years.

Trump White House sells out on food safety

Despite a warning from the National Institutes of Health that chlorpyrifos can cause “adverse developmental, reproductive, neurological and immune effects” in human beings, it remains on food products.

GOP no-tax-hike budget plan could drive debate

If the Republican spending plan stands up to scrutiny, it could provide the opportunity for budget negotiations that address the fiscal shortfall without more tax increases.

Bernie's gamemanship

Sen. Sanders has perfected a form of anti-gamesmanship gamesmanship, posing as a politician who is above the grubby realities of running for office and focusing instead on the business of the people.

Budgetary train wreck!

With the state facing a huge deficit, the Appropriations Committee is moving towards increasing spending by 5.2 percent next fiscal year .

Providing arrest information is not optional, it's the law

When Staff Writer Lindsay Boyle set out to see how our local police departments were complying with the law on providing arrest information, she found some troubling results.

Happy 50th anniversary, Avery Point

In the tumultuous days of 1967, Avery Point emerged as a peaceful and beautiful oasis for both students and the public. It remains so.

Earth Day 2017: Connecticut remains committed to protecting environment

Despite the Trump administration's gutting of environmental protections, states such as Connecticut and private industry continue to fight air and water pollution.

Groton should modify education cuts and fight for fair funding from Hartford

The citizens are indicating by their anger that they don’t want to see their schools decimated.

Flush out reasons Coast Guard missed plumbing blunder

A 20-year-long sewage spill. That's embarrassing for an institution that has among its core missions enforcing environmental laws.

Tax those sugary sodas

Connecticut stands to be a trailblazer as the first state with the controversial tax.


Heroes help heal wounds 50 years later

We continue to engage in global retracted battles that again claim lives and inflict medical injuries. Our VA health care system in New London has...

No escape possible to 'just right' planet

This is in reply to the article, “

She fell, Samaritans helped her get up

I took a nasty spill and fell hard on the sidewalk on Ocean Avenue. I truly could have been on that commercial we have all heard,...


Trump turns traditional, Europe populism pauses

Trump certainly ran as a populist and won as a populist but, a mere 100 days in, he is governing as a traditionalist.

Those supporting troops abandoned by government

'They've devalued not only us but the services we give to military families across the country,' said Kevin McDonnell, a veteran who assists military...

Foreign policy team a first-100 success

The national-security process worked well in the two-day planning and execution of a missile strike early this month on a Syrian airfield.