Will Conn. get 'responsible conclusion' to budget crisis?

The governor will have the greatest influence on how this fiscal debate plays out.

Cuts, as promised

Republicans elected to the Norwich City Council said they would cut taxes and, painfully, they are.

Mexican tall ship will brighten a Monday

Commanded by Capt. Pedro Mata Cervantes, the Cuauhtémoc is scheduled to arrive at 10 a.m.

Pope's example: Do unto others

By welcoming three refugee families to live and work in Vatican City, Pope Francis makes it personal and makes it a challenge.

Trump's retro 'America First' foreign policy

Trump's message may sell well politically, but it would be a dangerous approach to foreign policy.

Democrats ignore GOP budget plan at their peril

The Republican's alternate state budget plan is a serious proposal, one that could form the basis of bargaining and compromise.

Faster is better for Planet Earth

The unexpected number of signers to the Paris climate change agreement gives momentum to a process that must not be delayed.

Comparison shopping in Preston

A move made to save money on policing could be a move long overdue.

Getting it right

Creative persistence produces a way to make up lost wages for firefighters suffering from job-related cancers.

The mess in Brazil

Just when Brazil is preparing for the summer Olympics, a political scandal is distracting its citizens.

Presidential election process needs changes

The process now drags on for nearly years, only to produce candidates most of the voters don't like.

Otis Library, Coogan Farm mark milestones

These local organizations serve their communities well and improve the quality of life in southeastern Connecticut.


Sanders should quit and support Clinton

Bernie Sanders, isn't it time, after the last count of delegates, to put your support behind your party? You vow to take yourself to...

Prince memories remain

Southeastern Connecticut had been fortunate to have had Prince perform at the Mohegan Sun Arena. His sold out shows (including Janelle Monet and...

Labor of love

I have a crush on the Savoy Bookshop & Cafe, and...


Trump or Clinton? Say it ain't so

No presidential election in modern times has offered as much opportunity for a third-party challenge.

Trump's victory won't mean anything Nov. 8

Trump's victory in the Connecticut Republican primary, dominated by white men, won't be repeated in the general election with its diverse electorate.

The world according to Trump, Obama redux

Trump, like Obama, is animated by the view that we are overextended and overinvested abroad.