From yeoman to legend, Arnold Palmer changed golf

Arnold Palmer's flare and working-class roots made golf accessible to the masses and changed the appeal of the game forever.

Treat police, public equally and release arrest report

Arrest reports are public records and should be released promptly, whether or not the person arrested is a state trooper.

Deals of necessity to keep defense-industry jobs

Giving additional incentives to vastly lucrative corporations may be hard to take, but losing the jobs if they move elsewhere would be tougher to deal with.

Saving child's life worth bus-camera cost

Statistics show many drivers ignore school bus warnings and may only follow rules if they know they will be identified by cameras.

Bush backing Clinton won't hurt Trump

The endorsement affirms the conspiratorial mindset of the Trump supporters.

Lessons from latest terror attack

The bad news is that opportunities may have been missed that could have stopped Rahami before he planted the bombs at all.

Electric Boat job growth boosts New London's prospects

News of a pending housing development at a key location could just be the start of the good news.

Eugene O'Neill Theater takes a bow

A National Medal of Arts for the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center is a great and well-deserved honor and a source of pride for Waterford and the region.

Build regional animal shelter serving East Lyme, Montville and Waterford

This proposal makes a lot of sense and would save money, help both the animals and inmates who would help care for them, and provide an example of regional cooperation.

Try, try again in North Stonington

Education backers got a big turnout to push through the school building project by a narrow margin, but will they show up at the ballot box to pay for programming?

Dark side of direct drug marketing

There is incontrovertible evidence the pharmaceutical industry’s marketing of prescription opioid painkillers and the FDA’s failure to end inappropriate marketing practices are root causes of the heroin and opioid crisis.

No ignoring Hartford fiscal crisis

It should be cause for universal alarm in this relatively small state when its capital city, the seat of its state government, is staring down bankruptcy.


Lack of information on New London school building project

Whatever happened to the $98 million high school construction project? There is no reported progress, no schedule information, no architectural...

Right on one thing, patients weren't a factor

I am troubled by Dr. Maletz's letter, “Don’t forget patients in...

Trump speaks truth, liberals go on attack

Donald Trump's rising poll numbers are causing the far left to use extreme language. We hear words like racist, hate, the 'F' word and...


Will millennials ever like Hillary Clinton?

In the end most young voters will vote for Clinton, not out of love, but out of fear that Trump might win.

Getting away with economic murder

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is asking tough questions about the lack of prosecutions stemming from the 2008 economic collapse. Her timing is curious.

New Yorkers walk past bombing bluster

All the panic was on the television news channels, fanned to a great extent by Donald Trump and surrogates. New Yorkers were unphased.