Journalism: The eyes, ears and nose of democracy

Every shadow of doubt cast on alleged facts is a reason to slow down before publishing. But the raison d'être of a free press in a democracy is the presumption that the public has the right and the need to know about issues that affect the...

Trump's populist vision lacking in clarity

The new president's populist, isolationist, and infrastructure building plans don't connect with the Republican Party on whose ticket he ran.

Trump completes shocking rise to presidency

Trump’s simply stated promise to “Make America great again” captured a core and enthusiastic constituency that provided the foundation for his victory.

Obama led the nation with grace and integrity

His high approval ratings suggestion that many Americans wish that President Obama was staying in the White House.

Don't pull plug on Norwich school project prematurely

Moving the proposal along to a citywide vote would invite a broad debate on the merits, instead of having four people make the decision to block the plan.

Mohegan's Preston project is outstanding news for region

After many years of disappointments, it appears that the former Norwich Hospital property will finally be developed. It was a bipartisan, cooperative effort.

Moving forward on race relations as Obama exits

Some have blamed the first black president for driving racial divisions deeper.

Ellipticals join Canasta among senior options

These days at a senior center you're as likely to find a senior climbing aboard some exercixse machine as sitting down for cards or chalking up a cue stick.

Fiscal irresponsibility remains a bipartisan affair

For a Republican Party that campaigned hard on slashing the federal debt, passing legislation to allow the national debt to explode by another $9.7 trillion would be a slap in the face to fiscal conservatives.

If state aid cut, provide towns some relief

Gov. Malloy is signaling that his budget will include some reduction in municipal and public education funding for some communities, but he should also help those towns control costs.

Push to vote on state labor deals strengthens Malloy's hand

Gov. Dannel Malloy has said labor concessions are one of the necessary steps to restore fiscal stability and knowing those contracts will face a legislative vote can only help his bargaining position.

Trump gets his picks, odd as they may be

Senators deserve full background information to judge nominees, but Democrats should not seek to delay confirmation process just to be obstinate.


She can't understand the Trump voters

An open letter to Trump supporters. I know some of you personally – you’re good people. I’ve wanted to approach you and...

He is not sold on energy from wind

I want to report that there was a major wind farm in Hawaii called, Kamaoa and other wind farms on the island. And in California there...

Shame on The Day for Trump coverage

Since we do not have a real choice in purchasing any newspapers that are not trying to brainwash their constituents, I can no longer stand by...


Millennials confront harsh political reality

When it comes to politics, we — or at least the majority of us who are left-of-center — have been spoiled to the hilt.

New York's 'free college' experiment should be closely watched

While free tuition is not free college (don’t forget fees and room and board), Cuomo’s plan is a dangerous step, not just for already...

A bridge to a vibrant downtown New London

The pedestrian bridge planned to provide access to the Coast Guard Museum would engage visitors who know face frustration in getting to their...