Foxwoods at 25, what a trip it has been

Against all odds, a massive casino erose in the woods of Ledyard. Twenty-five years later it faces new challenges and a less certain future.

McMaster is a good choice for national security advisor

The general has proved he is willing to talk truth to power, an important quality needed in the Trump administration.

Gun permit robbery?

A boost in the cost of gun permit fees seems reasonable. But the nearly 330 percent hike proposed by the governor is too much.

Another Connecticut third party passes on

Unlike the more noteworthy third party success in Connecticut, the Independence for Montville Party developed locally and not around a political personality.

Yale right to remove pro-slavery name

It is surprising that it took Yale so long to realize that removing the name of slavery proponent John C. Calhoun from one of its building was the right thing to do.

Malloy overreaches, cuts Groton far too deep

In calling for moving some state aid from wealthier communities to struggling cities, Malloy sets a worthy goal, but his current proposal is too extreme.

Reckoning time for CMEEC, Derby trip participants

The good news is that the strong public response to the outrageous behavior of utility officials has led to this day of reckoning. But what will the reckoning look like?

Skepticism surrounds Malloy hospital tax plan

If the state allows cities to tax their hospitals, the assumption should be they won’t be getting anything back, Malloy’s assurances of state financial help notwithstanding.

Sound plan to renovate East Lyme elementary schools

Renovation work is essential to ensure East Lyme's elementary schools remain safe and effective learning environments into the foreseeable future.

Launch bipartisan probe of the Russian connection

Two top officials in Trump team were cozy with President Putin and the Russians. What is going on here? The public deserves answers.

Proceed carefully with 'drug docket' court reforms

Whether the judicial process can be improved when it comes to providing help rather than prison for drug addicts is a worthwhile discussion to have.

Puzzling Puzder support

Like many of Trump’s nominees, Puzder he is almost uniquely unqualified for the duties of the office to which he seeks confirmation.


This heart saver has heart of gold

Congratulations for announcing George Fargo to the world, many of whom already know, ”

Democrats have strayed from from their roots

Where are all the patriotic Democrats of the past; the likes of Presidents Roosevelt, Truman, and Kennedy? They are as extinct as the...

Fears that nation has elected dictator

During World War II we saw the rise to power of an egotistical manic who rounded up Jews, Catholics, gays, and any other group he did not like.


The Trump bump in Moscow’s market

Financial markets were betting that President Trump would ease the sanctions on Russia. So far, they've been wrong.

Obama forever changed health care expectations

Republicans see that they have two choices: They can snatch health insurance away from millions of people, or they can replace Obamacare with...

What Is President Trump most afraid of?

Trump doesn't seem to fear failure − after all, he's filed for bankruptcy four times − so much as he fears not being seen as successful.