Less fiscal data won't help control spending

While the governor makes a valid point about current-services budgeting driving up costs, his so-called fix is anything but.

Democrat debate rages as GOP coalesces

If Hillary Clinton is to successfully lead her party her challenge is to figure out how to unite it. Blaming her opponent for competing won't work.

Region's green sprouts starting to bloom

There has been much activity of late, suggesting the region's economy may finally be about to get moving.

Path to open Harbor Light grows thornier

Having tried and failed to win a zone change, Maritime Society might reconsider the special permit process suggested by the ZBA.

Approve trade deal to counter China

The best way for the U.S. to reassure these nations is to strengthen its commercial ties to the region.

Reintroduce nuclear power market bill in 2017

A full process, including a public hearing, could well address concerns among renewable energy supporters and consumer groups.

Traffic, parking are the real Mystic issues

Whatever the name on the exit sign, traffic will continue to grow on road leading to downtown Mystic.

L+M Hospital steps up

Rather than take the position someone else needed to step foward to address heroin overdose epidemic, the community hospital acted.

Whitman the fitman

Lots of meat, a "cheerful termper" and "the love of fight" were among Walt Whitman's recommendations for a fit life, found in a recently rediscovered newspaper series.

Restructure the way Connecticut budgets

The deficit-reducing state budget hurts, but it's a sign that things must change.

London's new mayor

This editorial originally appeared in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette The victory of Sadiq Khan of the Labour Party, a Muslim who grew up in a public-housing project, over Zac Goldsmith, a Conservative and heir to a fortune, in last...

Fluoride, used right

New law brings fluoridation of the water supply into line with lower federal limits.


Clinton discards workers who built her party

I was shocked when I heard that Hillary Clinton promised to close coal mines and throw thousands of miners out of work. Consider the...

Keep dogs leashed when in state parks

A warning to all those dog owners who think it’s neat to let your dogs run loose in our state parks; it’s not! Signs are posted at...

Term limits needed, not likely to happen

The letter, “People should...


Trump uses Supremes to court conservatives

A clear sign of how well these men and women would perform on the court is the reaction by Hillary Clinton, who calls them “extreme...

Defeating Islamic State has political element

'During my travels this past week with Votel, I kept encountering little nuggets that illustrated some of the realities of this conflict that the...

‘Second-chance society’ overlooks first chances

The underlying problem is not drugs or prison at all but the damage done to young men long before they encounter either — welfare system...