Bumgardner in 41st District

Rep. Bumgardner takes a more realistic view of the serious fiscal challenges confronting Connecticut.

Christine Conley in the 40th District

Challenger would make hard fiscal decisions. The incumbent has made a couple of questionable ones.

Public housing plan for New London makes sense

Proposal would not only provide for needed housing but would involve a zone change that could encourage revitalization.

Plans to extend Route 11 pass into history

After two decades, a plan that made much sense falls victim to regulatory hurdles and high cost.

Incumbent McCarty in 38th House District

McCarty will join other Republicans in demanding structural change in state budgeting and working toward fiscal sustainability.

Hong, a fighter, in Norwich's 46th

Bonnie Hong seems particularly well suited to represent Norwich’s 46th District in the state House of Representatives.

Right and wrong ways to welcome visitors

As long as Connecticut has its figurative hand out to accept visitors’ dollars, those visitors deserve better. Refurbished depot cafe shows how.

Soto in 39th District

Soto characterizes himself as a problem solver who is willing to explore new approaches to solving problems, work across party lines, and assist urban youth in entering the workforce.

Cheeseman in 37th

Voters in the district serving East Lyme and Salem will choose between two strong candidates.

Linares for third term in 33rd Senate District

Sen. Art Linares lines up with Republicans who could well have greater influence in the Senate in 2017 and who will push back on business as usual.

Return Formica to 2nd term in 20th District

Formica is a fiscal conservative, but one who recognizes the need to maintain a social safety net. He is pragmatic in his approach to policy, collaborative in pursuit of policy goals.

Somers' vision needed in 18th Senatorial District

Somers is bringing an enthusiasm and clarity of vision to the race that we don’t see matched by her opponent.


Voting that's smart, Somers and Scott

Connecticut is broke and the state’s legislative Democratic majority has failed to fix it. It’s time for responsible and...

Henowitz will confront climate change threat

Republican candidate for state Senate Paul Formica is a ranking member of the Energy and Technology Committee, yet just last year, when asked...

Formica will help workers the smart way

Paul Formica represents the positive, collaborative change in politics this state and community needs to turn Connecticut’s fortunes...


Trump treats foreign policy like a 'Survivor' game

As in the past, Trump, in the final debate, seemed to take Putin's side against President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Conscience money could help opioid crisis

Prescription painkillers were developed to ease suffering, but they have also produced an epidemic of overdose deaths. Those who promoted them and...

My write-in vote, 2 weeks to decide

I will not vote for Hillary Clinton. But I could never vote for Donald Trump.