Approve bill to help Millstone secure its future

This compromise addresses both concerns expressed by Millstone owner Dominion Energy that the plant cannot remain economically viable in the current market and fears from consumer advocates that the new arrangement would lead to a price spike.

Compromise on long-term state pension reforms

Republicans can get guarantees of future changes in pension benefits, Malloy can assure pension gets adequate funding.

Connecticut College has a working plan

Strategic plan and new curriculum aim to lower the number of bachelor of arts recipients asking, on Commencement Day, "What am I going to do with this major?"

Trump delivers mixed message to United Nations

Trump wanted it both ways, playing the part of world leader, but also appeasing his isolationist driven core supporters. The result was an incoherent message.

In New London, Rivera makes jump from superintendent to candidate

If elected to the school board, former superintendent said he will make sure it runs properly and he won't tolerate politicians who unfairly criticize education spending.

Lessons learned from the great rat invasion

A common sense approach should prevent a repeat of the great rat invasion of Pawcatuck without having to sacrifice those backyard chickens.

Republicans win the day. Now what?

The Republican state bduget prevailed, but it includes some unacceptable cuts, particularly to higher education. With a veto by the governor, work on a compromise must begin.

Democrats back on offense on health care

As proposals go, Medicare for all is far more aspirational than practical.

Follow FOI order, open utility co-op books

The CMEEC the board has followed the lead of CMEEC CEO Drew Rankin in trying to stonewall at every turn.

Sound ethics ruling in Derby scandal

The high profile of this local scandal and the significant actions recommended by the ethics boards in Groton and Norwich should make other local officials think carefully before accepting gifts.

Lessons of Equifax data breach

No one today can expect data like Social Security numbers and dates of birth to remain secure.

Signs of a (small) bipartisan thaw in Washington

In search of silver linings, the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee has been holding hearings the last two weeks on possible steps to stabilize the individual insurance market under the Affordable Care Act.


Finizio helped veteran suffering from PTSD

The Day's article about...

Great school-year start for Stonington kids

Now that the first week of school is behind us, I wanted to take the time to commend Stonington Public Schools. With all the budget uncertainty...

New London's downtown too creepy, let there be lights

I read the article, “Bank Street to...


Columnist Jennifer Rubin

3 grave risks of new GOP health-care effort

If this bill passes, Republicans will be held accountable for a severe disruption to the health-care system, resulting in less coverage for those who...

Columnist Froma Harrop

Trump may confuse his way back into Climate Deal

Trump can change some numbers under the Paris rules and call it a renegotiation. He's good at that sort of thing.

Columnist Catherine Rampell

A chilling study shows how hostile college students are toward free speech

A sampling of college students were asked if it would be acceptable for a student group to use violence to prevent a controversial speaker from...