Chamber hit jackpot with Etess selection

Mitchell Etess perfectly matches the Citizen of the Year criteria: “a person who has made significant contributions to the region’s civic and business life.”

Isn't Mumford Cove tax break enough?

Groton would not allow either Groton Long Point or Mumford Cove to be built today with their residents’-only beaches.

Honoring silent sentinels on Memorial Day

Americans need to remember because those who sacrificed deserve it and because blocking out the reality that the day represents would be a perilous mistake.

Enriching the lessons of state history

The state’s history lessons too often focus only on the wealthy and powerful from our past.

Wage hike won’t work

Raising the minimum wage is ineffective at reducing poverty.Raising the minimum wage is ineffective at reducing poverty.

Back to the barracks

In Connecticut, there appears to be no will to change.

Release Lanza papers

This puzzling secrecy has been an embarrassment to the state

Heeding Obama's climate warning at academy graduation

"The science is indisputable," noted the president.

A couple of things while you're here, Mr. President

President Barack Obama will be the keynote speaker at the academy’s 134th commencement ceremony.

Include Republicans in state budget talks

By excluding Republicans from the budget negotiations, Gov. Malloy is excluding thousands of citizens in southeastern Connecticut.

Congress abdicates role in ISIS campaign

In seeking congressional involvement, President Obama sought a balance between military action and congressional support.

Tsarnaev sentence

Death sentence verdict will mean years of appeals and news coverage.


Day correct, include GOP in talks

We echo the sentiments expressed in The Day regarding the Connecticut state budget, “

Geese-chasing dogs is poor Preston policy

Concerning the article, “Preston considering hiring border collies to scare geese from park,”...

Fix damaged section of Ocean Avenue

I should like to make an observation on the condition of the roads in New London. Most of the main thoroughfares in New London are in reasonable...


Social liberal shift is now undeniable

On multiple social issues, Americans have indeed become more likely to adopt the standard lefty stance.

Like life, testing must be high-stakes

Connecticut’s schools practice the social promotion of students. Nearly every student who shows up is given a high school diploma even if he...

Obama’s hot-air Coast Guard Academy commencement address

Too bad graduates of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy had to endure a commencement address by President Obama on “climate change.”