Local supergroup T Wreck celebrates new EP with release show Saturday in New London

From left, Justin Credabel, Michael Winslow, Dave Freeburg, Daniel Boroughs (Bob Bourne)
From left, Justin Credabel, Michael Winslow, Dave Freeburg, Daniel Boroughs (Bob Bourne)

Used to be, idle time was defined as the devil's workshop. Today, it's more fun to think of idle time as the devil's music rehearsal space. And when, in the summer of 2017, four members from elite local bands Fatal Film, Incognito Sofa Love and Ferocious (expletive) Teeth found themselves with some down-time, well, T Wreck happened. And Satan grinned.

Twisting such evolving styles as synth/electronics, rock, industrial, and bass + pocket — crested by poetic and passionate vocal exhortations — T Wreck is a new, fresh force and their debut EP, "NO NADA," is an explosive, improvisational, propulsive six-song exercise in political, personal, cultural and all-around angst.

You can definitely dance (or trance) to it — just don't swerve into the mosh pit.

T Wreck is Daniel Boroughs from Ferocious (expletive) Teeth (vocals), Justin Credabel from Incognito Sofa Love (bass/pocket piano synth) and, from Fatal Film, Dave Freeburg (Moog bass pedals/synth) and Mikey Winslow (drums). For some time, the four musicians had been filling time, singularly or in pairs, with overlapping and very loose projects — experimenting with synth music, rap, poetry and drum/bass — without any real purpose other than creative fun. But a chance opportunity at 33 Golden Street to play a set after last year's Sailfest fireworks display came up — and the quartet assembled, rehearsed the day of the gig, and took the stage that night.

It flowed so effortlessly and with such instant chemistry that they decided to regularly continue their sonic experiments in a New London practice room. Like the clashing atmospherics and energies that feed a storm, songs began to take shape. When they were pleased with a healthy batch of tunes, they decided to record. In the spirit of the band's live energy, they brought in engineer Andy Stackpole, who strategically placed 14 microphones throughout the rehearsal room, and "NO NADA" was recorded live. It's a throbbing, infectious and engaging record, both intellectually and on a primal, physical level.

T Wreck will celebrate "NO NADA" with a release fiesta Saturday at the Credabel Coral Lab in New London. Good pals Denim Panther and Falconeer will be on hand to perform as well, and copies of the EP will be available.

By email last week, Boroughs discussed the formation of T Wreck, their philosophy, and the new recording. Responses have been edited for space.

On the differences between T Wreck and the musicians' other, more established projects:

"I think the initial and substantial difference was keeping the synth/electronic and live, rock-based projects separated. T Wreck is markedly different because, in Fatal Film, Ferocious (expletive) Teeth and Incognito Sofa Love, synthesizer-based music didn't dominate the sound.

"At its core, T Wreck is an improv-based music project and, in that spirit, we're always testing the waters. There is no genre we will not try to tackle. As long as the synths are buzzing and the drums are heavy-hitting, and there is a kinetic power between us to react and listen to each other as musicians and friends, then T Wreck's sound will flourish."

On how the composition process within the band:

"The songs take shape when the band comes up with a riff and a groove and I start to feed into it and begin improvising lyrics off the top of my head. Yet it also goes back and forth. As soon as I have lyrics, the rest of the band solidifies what they're doing. It's the improvisational connectivity between us that keeps songs from remaining stagnant in music muscle-memory. We're always tweaking the sound and arrangements of our established 'songs' on the EP, especially when we play out."

On the goals for T Wreck and "NO NADA":

"Before invoking a treatise on the state of the modern music industry, we simply believe as a band that we like to have people hear our music. We want opportunities to meet people and we want opportunities to collaborate and make personal connections — but it's also a personal endeavor just for us as band members. As musicians coming together to create this sound, we have our personal histories and use music as a tool to heal as an outlet, as therapy. For us, T Wreck has been a cathartic, therapeutic, but above all, a fun adventure ... that keeps us grounded and experimenting and taking chances as artists."

If you go

Who: T Wreck with Denim Panter and Falconeer

What: EP release party for T Wreck's 'NO NADA"

When: 9 p.m. Saturday

Where: Credabel Coral Lab, 153 Bank St., New London

How much: $4 cover; EPs available for $5.

For more information: twreck.bandcamp.com


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