Mumble rapper Kodak Black performs Thursday at Foxwoods

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Thursday's Kodak Black show at Foxwoods has been cancelled. Tickets purchased with a credit card over the web, phone or at the box office will automatically be refunded within the next 48 hours. This includes Ticketmaster tickets. Tickets purchased with cash will need to be brought to the Box Office to be refunded. For more information, please call the Box Office at 1-800-200-2882.

What's that? You don't know Kodak Black?

Well, truth told, I didn't know him, either. He's only 21 and an emerging rap star. In that context, he's performing tonight at Foxwoods in the Grand Theater. I did some homework. He started to develop a hip hop reputation as a youngster in Florida and — this is hilariously true — a group of Atlantic Records executives showed up in court when he was being sentenced (on charges of armed robbery and false imprisonment) hoping to sign the prodigy.

I guess he got off. Still, if you're working the thug angle, authenticity counts for a lot, right? I've listened Kodak Black's oddly wavering, sleepy delivery — he's a practitioner of the aptly named and pretty maddening stylistic subset called "mumble rap" — on tunes such as "Pimpin' Ain't Easy" (suggesting the vocation is like a competitive sport), "Could of Been Different" (not "have" and wherein a trusted "whoadie" betrays him), and "Calling My Spirit," which contains the verse:

"I put my Hublot on rocks / I put moscato on rocks / Where I'm from we don't say opp / Shoot at an OV, shoot at a cop / Shoot at the police, shoot at your top / I made a million off socks."

So there you have it! Kodak Black! Maybe the merch booth will have some ... socks?

Kodak Black, 9 p.m. tonight, Grand Theater, Foxwoods; $68-$148; 1-800-200-2882.



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