Music tip: "If/When" by The Tea Club

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The Tea Club

Very few humans in the world any longer have the attention span required to appreciate the once-beloved prog rock epic as per — just a few personal faves — "Supper's Ready" (Genesis, 23 minutes), "Close to the Edge" (Yes, 18 minutes), "Sleepers" (Soup, 13 minutes), "Montreal" (Marillion, 14 minutes), "Anesthetize" (Porcupine Tree, 17 minutes). But New Jersey's feloniously under-appreciated The Tea Club close out their latest album with the magnificent, never-a-dull-moment, hearty-in-its-epicness, 27-minute "Creature." And the rest of the "If/When" album is just as good, only with shorter, constantly catchy and intelligent tracks that blend superb melodies and imaginative chops. 


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