CD tip: "High Road" by Kesha

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CD tip

High Road


It’s a gross understatement to say that Kesha has been through a rough few years. She’s been tangled in a legal mess with her former producer, Dr. Luke, whom she accused of sexual and emotional abuse (latest news in that war: a judge ruled that Kesha defamed Dr. Luke in a text to Lady Gaga). But after “Rainbow,” which was a more serious work, it seems as though Kesha is back to her old self with “High Road.” She’s definitely having fun again. Who else would do a crazy ditty called “The Potato Song (Cuz I Want To)” that sounds as though it’s being played by an oompah band? Over the course of the CD, Kesha merrily rambles through emotions and sounds, from the starkly beautiful roots sway of “Resentment,” which she sings with Brian Wilson, Sturgill Simpson and Wrabel, to the sing-along pop anthem of “Raising Hell” to the sweetly nostalgic “BFF,” also featuring Wrabel. Just a captivating album.



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