Teen Waives Hearing In Mystic Murder Case

Bruce Grisafe, the 15-year-old boy accused of taking part in the Sept. 26 stabbing death of Kyle Sheets in Mystic, has waived his right to a probable-cause hearing.

Grisafe appeared in court Tuesday with his attorney, Sebastian DeSantis, and his guardian ad litem, Bernard Steadman, and answered a series of questions to prove to Judge Susan B. Handy that he understands the proceedings.

Grisafe is charged with felony murder, conspiracy to commit first-degree robbery and criminal liability for acts of another. He will be tried as an adult due to the seriousness of the charges and is being held on $250,000 bond.

Defendants in murder cases have the right to probable-cause hearings within 60 days of their arrests. By waiving the hearing, Grisafe gives up the right to have the state present evidence to convince the judge there is probable cause the crime occurred and that he was involved.

After waiving the hearing, DeSantis entered a “not guilty” plea on behalf of Grisafe, and the judge continued the case to Dec. 17.

Grisafe and 18-year-old Bryan L. Sutton are accused of acting as lookouts while Grisafe's half-brother, Vincent Green, and Christopher Allen allegedly boarded a boat known as the Crucible, docked at Seaport Marine, with the intention of robbing Sheets, who lived there with his father.

Allen is accused of fatally stabbing Sheets when the robbery went awry.

Allen and Green also have waived their right to probable-cause hearings. Sutton has not yet indicated whether he will be waiving the hearing. He is due in court on Dec. 3.
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