NL Mayor Rob Pero's well-deserved honor

Mayor Robert M. Pero. There were times "Rob" Pero certainly doubted he would ever hear his name attached to that title, despite winning repeated elections to the New London City Council. But his election to an eighth consecutive term clinched the deal and fellow councilors on Monday elected Mr. Pero as city mayor.

It is a good choice. As a Republican serving on seven consecutive councils with Democratic majorities, Mr. Pero developed persuasive skills. Unlike Democrats, who could muscle through council resolutions, Mr. Pero was the diplomat, convincing Democrats why it was in their and the city's best interests to support his proposals.

This skill should well serve Mayor Pero as he presides over a politically split council - three Republicans, three Democrats and one Green, who was endorsed by the Republicans.

There were instances when he questioned whether he should run again. The new mayor, 40, and his wife, Dora, have three young children, and council work eats up much time. But in the end he chose to continue a form of political service he finds rewarding and which, he is convinced, will result in a better city for that family.

Though in New London the position carries little authority, the title of mayor still has weight, and we suspect Mayor Pero will use it effectively to argue for spending control and improved relations with the school board, and to present voters with a strong-mayor charter change question.

Congratulations to you, Mayor Pero, and good luck.

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