Pero's been exemplary as ceremonial mayor

I would like to cite some significant initiatives by Rob Pero during this past year when he served as ceremonial mayor in our city.

The council under his leadership held taxes down for the first time since my return to New London from Niantic 11 years ago. At that time, to address the escalation of taxes, petitions were part of the norm in which I participated. For most of us to not have had our taxes raised was a welcome relief.

Under his leadership the council reached many decisions on a nonpartisan basis. Closed-door sessions were noticeably held to a minimum, a distinct departure from the past.

Through his initiative, a 10-year extension to the city's water contract was realized, providing the city with more than $2 million up front. This is no small feat.

Rob Pero has the ability to work effectively with community leaders, as well as reach out beyond party lines, a valuable asset for the ultimate benefit of all. I mention only some of the initiatives he accomplished during his tenure as ceremonial mayor.

And let us not forget, his past years on the council were as a member of the minority party.

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