Energy Efficiency Helps the Environment and Bottom Line

In today’s challenging and competitive retail business environment, entrepreneurs are looking at all aspects of their businesses for areas where they can improve their bottom line. Most tend to look at the obvious – knowing their customer and their needs, better inventory management and greater workforce efficiency. However, one area that is often the last to be examined - yet the one that could potentially provide the most immediate results - is improving a business’s operation functions and how it consumes energy.

Today, looking to improve one’s energy efficiency is not just an idea for those who want to protect our environment or reduce our country’s reliance on foreign sources of power. While these are laudable objectives, many businesses are looking to energy efficiency measures to cut their expenses, improve their profitability and grow their businesses.

Connecticut Light and Power Company and United Illuminating are teaming up with the Connecticut Retail Merchants Association (CRMA) to help retailers and small businesses achieve these savings through programs offered by the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Program.

Participants in CRMA’s “Lean & Green” program receive a comprehensive, no-cost energy assessment that details all possible electric energy efficiency measures, any costs, estimated savings, as well as available program incentives and financing options.

The energy efficiency program provides financial incentives that help offset a portion of the costs of all eligible energy efficiency measures. Interest-free financing for the balance of the project is available for qualified retailers. Any financed amount can be conveniently included on one’s monthly electric bill, allowing participants the convenience of making just one monthly payment for both their loan and electric bill

Most who participate in the program see a net savings on their monthly bill, even during the loan repayment period, followed by a much more substantial savings after their loan is paid off.

Retailers and small business owners can not only help in the effort to save energy and reduce our country’s dependence on foreign sources of power, but also can improve their business’ bottom line, as well. For more information and to see if your business might be able to take advantage of the same benefits, you can reach out to CRMA’s “Lean & Green” program by emailing the program at

Tim Phelan is President of the Connecticut Retail Merchants Association