Family Fun: Mother Goose On The Loose

I am going to be working on a new monthly installment on the blog and in The Times called "Family Fun", where I fill you in on something fun we have done in the region (CT, RI, MA). I am excited about this for many reasons. One, because I absolutely love doing fun and new things with the kiddos. Seeing things through their eyes is refreshing and wonderful. Secondly, doing this forces me to get out and do new things and meet new people that I probably wouldn't do otherwise. I am hoping maybe you get inspired by our family fun and get out to have some family fun of your own!

For March, I am going to share our Tuesday morning routine with you. For Little Man, "Tuesday" means "Mommy Day" and it also means "Library Day". Since Little Lady was born seven (SEVEN!) months ago, Tuesday means getting up, getting fed and getting to the Waterford Public Library for 10 a.m. for Mother Goose On The Loose with Miss Nadine, the Head Children's Librarian.

My understanding of "storytime" meant we go to the library and someone reads the kids a story. It didn't sound to exciting in my head, but in an attempt to get out and do things with Little Man (we started going on and off before Little Lady was even on the radar), I thought we would try it. Little did I know that the "story" part of story time was actually only a small part of the half hour.

"Miss Deen", as Little Man calls her, plans a half hour themed story time including singing, dancing, story, animal sounds--pretty much all the things a toddler thinks are totally awesome. Little Man cannot get enough of it and Miss Deen is kind of the toddler version of a celebrity in our house. Little Lady sits up through the entire half hour, soaking in everything that is going on around her, obviously stimulated and thouroughly enjoying herself.

Another awesome thing about the library? Taking out books! Not since I was a kid myself have I borrowed books from the library, but getting "new" books every week is great for a two year old.

The good news for you--Mother Goose on the Loose is FREE! It is currently offered on Monday nights at 6 p.m. and Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 10 a.m. It is for kids up to 3, but I think it would still be appropriate for an older sibling if you have more than one kiddo. There is also a Fantastic Friends storytime for kids 3 and up.

The bad news for you--Miss Deen is retiring in TWO WEEKS. Rumor has it they are working on a replacement, but those are big shoes to fill. Little Man and Little Lady will definitely miss her!

Let me know if you have any ideas for Family Fun that we should try!

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