Brownbird Rudy Relic hollers back

Field hollers - an extemporaneous type of work song typically associated with Civil War-era Deep South - isn't a musical form you see much of these days. That Skrillex fellow doesn't perform many field hollers. Adele has no field hollers in her set list. Ditto Coldplay, Lady Antebellum, Arcade Fire or Pitbull.

Before you call the Musically Extinct Society, however, consider the work of New York's Brownbird Rudy Relic, who plays Saturday in New London's El 'n' Gee Club. BBRR, as he refers to himself, fuses prime field holler-ness with Mance Lipscomb-flavored rural blues, Chuck Berry rock, and a vaguely Ernie K-Do-style personality to bring much sonic spirit, originality and fun to a room.

Give a listen to records like "I Am the Juke!" and "Anti-Stereo Acoustic Holler Blues," and you'll agree it's pretty unique. And, in performance, he's supposed to go nuts.


Brownbird Rudy Relic, 7 p.m. Saturday, El 'n' Gee Club, 86 Golden Ave., New London; The Dirty Stayouts and Mark Leonard are also on the bill; $5, $8 under 21;


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