Join Bishop Cote in protecting freedom

I write in appreciation of Bishop Michael Cote's comprehensive comments regarding religious liberty, published in The Day on April 4 ("Religious liberty, the first freedom").

I was drafted to serve in the Army during the Korean War. The purpose of this draft was to defend the freedoms of the United States and South Korea.

I was assigned to a prisoner of war compound in Pusan, South Korea. This compound housed North Korean anti-communist prisoners (when captured, the POWs were separated into two compounds - anti-communist and pro-communist).

On Sunday's I attended mass in the compound with my fellow soldiers, South Korean soldiers and North Korean anti-communist prisoners who were Catholic.

The current Commander in Chief through the Department of Health and Human Services has ordered that a portion of my donation to the Catholic Church be used to fund abortion inducing drugs, sterilizations and contraceptives.

People of all faiths should stand firm against their methodical erosion of freedom of religion.

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