Westbrook Constable Quinones Terminated

WESTBROOK - After a year-long state police criminal investigation ended in March 2012 with the arrest of Benjamin Quinones of 45 Meetinghouse Lane, the town's selectmen last week terminated him from his employment as a part-time town constable.

"The town has reviewed the information provided by you as well as the prior information already gathered by the town in its investigation of this matter. The town has determined that you engaged in misconduct warranting termination of your employment effective immediately," wrote First Selectman Noel Bishop.

Quinones was first placed on paid administrative leave from his position as a part-time town constable after Bishop learned the State of Connecticut had terminated him from his job as a lieutenant at the Connecticut Valley Hospital. The State Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services took this action in February 2011 after an internal investigation found evidence Quinones had filed false timesheets alleging overtime hours he worked that he had not worked.

After learning of the state action against Quinones, Bishop put Quinones on paid administrative leave from his post as of
March 17, 2011. The selectmen decided on this holding action while waiting for the state police to complete their criminal investigation into the fraudulent time sheet allegations made against Quinones. This state police investigation concluded in late February and led to Quinones's arrest by the state police in March 2012.

While on administrative leave for the past year from his town constable post, Quinones has received a little more than $13,000 in compensation from the town.

Quinones could not be reached for comment.


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