Foreign policy flops should doom Obama

Chalk up another foreign policy foul up for the Obama presidency. After the blind Chinese activist Chen Guancheng escaped imprisonment and travelled 300 miles to get to the U.S. Embassy he was dumped at a hospital and he and his family left high and dry. His relatives now are under house arrest or worse. The U.S. Embassy in China is considered to be U.S. soil. A person begging for protection there should never be thrown out to the wolves the way Chen was. But kowtowing to socialist dictatorships is par for the course for Obama. Remember his secret promise to the Russian Vladimir Putin to wait until he is re-elected when he will have more "flexibility." More flexibility to do what? Voters should demand to know what deal Obama has in mind for Putin when and if he is re-elected.

Obama failed to even vocally support the Iranian or Syrian dissidents when they were trying to overthrow the regime. Now we wait and watch and hope that Iran does not get a nuclear bomb. That was strike three. Obama, you are out. Go home and start community organizing again. That's what you do best.

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