Mean-spirited letter took just a cheap shot

Maybe requiring photo ID's for voting is not racist, but it is addressing a problem that does not exist.

As for the June 10 letter, "You need photo identification for more than voting," does the author know of any actual instances of fraud? Furthermore, this unnecessary form of government regulation is costly to all taxpayers as well as to individuals.

Unfortunately, the writer's other example, the book signing by the First Lady, is one where ID's are necessary. Too many citizens spout hatred of the government and lies about individuals. Too many are ready for "2nd Amendment remedies." Too many believe that compromise means agreeing with them 100 percent.

Lastly, the letter writer takes a cheap shot at Mrs. Obama. I do not doubt that her book promoting good nutrition (not regulating it) is informative, beneficial and probably attractive. Does he know that she is donating all profits from the book to a charity? She is a great example of a wife and mother, and she spends her time doing good. God bless her!

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