Some NL police should act in friendlier fashion

Whatever happened to the days when the men and women of the New London Police Department loved and embraced the town and its people? Where they addressed you by your family name, when they knew your parents, children and if they didn't, made it a point to get to know them?

Gone are the days when you knew you could approach an officer and you would find a friendly smile, helpful advice and a warm handshake. They are at the front of the line when it comes to greeting our guests and yet they are like robots, stiff and cold. I am a third generation resident and my grandchild is the fifth.

As a resident, community activist and someone who loves this town, I am heartbroken to have experienced the distance of the police paid with my tax dollars. They are hired to protect, which they do, but also to serve, which is lost. I experienced first hand the abrasiveness of the officers, I can only imagine what the guests who came for SailFest felt like when they needed help.

I donated time to welcome guests to SailFest. I expect the same and more from the NLPD officers. I support NLPD, but warm up some!

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