Waterford committee updated about progress on high school addition

Waterford - Members of the School Building Committee met Tuesday to receive an update on the town's $67 million construction project for a new addition to the high school.

The project began in December 2010 and has been on an "aggressive schedule," according to the superintendent of schools. Teachers and students are expected to move into the new building in April 2013.

"The building addition is in great shape, we're right on target," Superintendent Jerome Belair said at the meeting.

The project includes a 5,000-square-foot media center, a mezzanine-level skywalk that will connect a portion of the old Waterford High School to the new addition next door, and extensive technology upgrades.

It also calls for an approximately 125,000-square-foot, three-story addition, renovation of about 106,000 square feet in the existing high school and demolition of the remaining 125,000 square feet in the existing school.

Construction project manager Gus Kotait of O & G Industries Inc. presented a brief slide show of recent work at the high school.

"Kids will actually use them," committee member Kimberly Alfultis said of the 15-inch wide lockers now on the third floor. The lockers will fit a backpack, books and poster boards for students' classroom presentations.

"Keep in mind these pictures are a week old, this is all done," member Jay Miner said. "We're sweeping the floor up and getting ready for the kids to come."

An outside courtyard, still in the beginning stages, was also shown. When finished, the courtyard will serve as a place for students to congregate.

The parking lot in front of the school and the parking lots near the tennis courts have been paved, and this week, a logistical run-through of bus pickups and dropoffs in front of the school will take place in anticipation of the opening of school next week.



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