Cue the comedy: John Mulaney is at Comix at Foxwoods

John Mulaney performs Saturday at Comix in Foxwoods.
John Mulaney performs Saturday at Comix in Foxwoods.

Any restaurant or bar that sports those tiny, at-your-booth jukeboxes is just asking for trouble. Broiled on cinnamon schnapps one wintry night long ago, and irritated by a snide and loud yuppie couple nearby who kept playing what I considered lightweight music, I programmed the Allman Brothers' 36-plus minute "Mountain Jam" to play five times in a row - and left. Take that!

That's either sorta funny or pathetic, I'm not sure which.

But the outstanding comedian John Mulaney, who performs two shows Saturday at Comix in Foxwoods, undertook a similar jukebox experiment with the Tom Jones catalog - only his recounting of the episode is screamingly funny. For that matter, just about any of his observational anecdotes are pretty brilliant.

Mulaney, who also writes for "Saturday Night Live" and is a favorite guest of Conan O'Brien, has reached that "just-under" tier of upcoming comics destined for superstar status. This, then, is a great opportunity to see him in an up-close setting.


John Mulaney, 8 and 10:30 p.m. Saturday, Comix at Foxwoods; $25-$50; (860) 312-6649,


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