Late fee after Sandy? You're kidding me!

I am among many Ledyard residents who lost power from Monday, Oct. 29 through Saturday, Nov. 3. In trying to cope with no electricity, keeping warm, getting hot food and hot showers, I was late in making my payment to the Town of Ledyard for our water bill. My payment arrived approximately one day later than the due date.

Today I received a bill in the mail from Ledyard, with an assessment for a late fee on the bill I had already paid! Hello?

Ledyard was one of the last to get their power back, and we get insult on top of injury now, for mailing in our payment late in the midst of a week-long blackout! It's more about the principle of the matter than the actual cost (although every penny counts these days!). I was told that it's their "policy" and they can do nothing about it. Is there no compassion at all in Ledyard government? Even credit card companies are contacting me, telling me that they're waiving late fees. Credit card companies! They have more compassion than my own town hall.

Give me a break, please!

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