Made-for-TV tawdry details

The following editorial appeared in the Philadelphia Daily News on Tuesday, Nov. 13.

Getting details on the David Petraeus scandal - his alleged affair with biographer Paula Broadwell - is super-important, insofar as it reflects on potentially crucial national security issues: Did Petraeus give Broadwell the inside dish on nation-building in Afghanistan, for example?

But the details are important also for fleshing out the quickie Lifetime movie that we cannot wait to see, starring Jim Caviezel as David Petraeus, Sean Young as Paula Broadwell, Kim Delaney as Jill Kelley, and Kathy Bates as Holly Petraeus.

Who knew what, and when?

Also who was wearing what, and where? In Afghanistan? In a tent?

We need to see the content of those emails pronto, so writers can get to work on the scene of Broadwell, eyes glowing with anger and envy, hammering away on her laptop, sending bloodcurdling anonymous emails to a perceived rival. Will we get a flashback to the day she was absent when the rest of us learned to NEVER put compromising information in an email?

Broadwell, of course, is Petraeus' biographer, apparently in the same way that Reille Hunter was John Edwards' videographer.

Are there serious issues involved? Surely, and we'll leave those to Congress. To Lifetime, however, we entrust more urgent questions. Such as: When exactly did Broadwell decide to call her book "All In"

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