Buying half the votes is hardly a mandate

We get it; you won. Fifty percent of the country agrees with your vision and nearly 50 percent does not. Count me among the latter. A simple majority does not a mandate make.

We the people understand you used our monies to buy the votes of the special interest groups who helped carry you across the finish line.

The night you won, you indicated that we are not red, not blue but we are united. It is time to put our money where your mouth is and prove us to be wrong.

Time to leave the your phony indignation and arrogance at the back door; now is your time to put your campaign promises into action and lead us out of the impending fiscal crisis created in Washington, fix the economy, protect people's retirements, rethink your tax positions, and always be honest with us; especially about what happened in Benghazi, realistic cabinet appointments and the closed-door promises you made to get re-elected.

The transparency thing isn't working for me.

The integrity of the presidency and sanctity of the Oval Office are at stake.

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