Waterford official: 'Only 1 or 2 ballots' not counted by Election Day voting machine

Waterford — The town’s registrar of voters said this afternoon that “only one or two ballots” were not counted by an Election Day voting machine in the town’s Fourth District.

The Great Neck voting district was selected at random by the state earlier this month to participate in a hand recount of the 2,400 ballots cast on Election Day.

“It went very well, we had it organized but it took six hours because we had three races to count. It was very tedious,” Diana Cramer said.

Eight people split into two groups of four counted and checked 1,200 ballots per group.

“We counted and added them together, but the total was one or two different from the machine which was not bad,” she said. “The whole point of this is to make sure that the machines were reading the ballots correctly and that the new machines are working properly.”

Each year, the Secretary of the State’s office selects 75 voting precincts for the hand recount to ensure that the optical scanning machines are accurate.

In addition to Waterford, Norwich and Bozrah were chosen for the recount.




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