Doesn't want school known for dirty dancing

As an East Lyme High School senior, this business about the "inappropriate dancing" is embarrassing. Our school is a great school, we have students that are competitive academically and achieve athletic excellence. However I don't want to be known as that school where the kids are fighting so they can rub up against each other. Like every other school we have more problems than dancing. But we are more worried about dancing than alcohol or drugs being in the school. Shouldn't we be spending more time worrying about kids getting high or driving drunk than how we dance?

I do understand both sides, students want to dance the way we want to dance and teachers and parents don't want to see inappropriate dancing like what we do. I can say that it is disturbing to see how we dance, it is inappropriate and we should definitely tone it down, a lot. But parents, teachers, we aren't going to start line dancing or doing the macarena to Usher and Kanye West.

We need to work this out.

In the meantime I'd rather be known for our achievements in the classroom and on the field, rather than our controversy on the dance floor.

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