Loophole puts guns in wrong hands

Maybe the term gun "control" is what freaks people out. Let's, for this conversation, call it gun "regulations."

In our federal gun laws we're allowing domestic abusers or anyone off the street to sidestep gun regulations. The loophole allows a convicted domestic abuser or mentally unstable person to walk into a gun show and walk out with a gun, no questions asked.

Can we at least agree that is a regulation that should be made a federal regulation that no matter what the source is, anyone buying a gun needs to, at the very least, have a background check and get registered?

Why would anyone need a weapon that can shoot off multiple rounds? For those enthusiasts who like to cling to the Second Amendment, when our founding fathers wrote it, they only had muskets. I am sure they never dreamed of anything like a semi-automatic or guns that could get off 30 rounds without reloading - never mind putting those guns in the hands of civilians.

One last thing, no one, no one is trying to take anyone's guns away, but, like anything else that is for the greater good, tighter regulations are in order.

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