Misplaced priorities: Please protect seniors

After reading about the Senior Safety Zones Ordinance, I am surprised we have Montville council members who would not support the safety of our seniors in our town. Councilors Rosetta Jones and Dana McFee are more concerned about the potential for a lawsuit than citizen safety, based on their quotes.

What about the lawsuits when something does happen and nothing was put into place for the safety of seniors or children? When it comes to sex offenders, seniors as well as children are at risk. Offenders are not only interested in the most attractive victims, it is about the power they receive or feel they acquire by doing the act. It would be best to procure a reasonable solution by having a Safety Zone.

I lived in Washington, D.C. where my neighbor, an elderly woman, was attacked and raped in her own home by a younger man. Unfortunately she was an easy target. That may not have happened if precautions had been put into place. Let's not allow it to happen to seniors in our community. I feel not having these zones will put Montville in jeopardy of future lawsuits by the victims and their families.

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